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 Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters

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PostSubject: Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters   Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 2:22 pm

Fated Xtasy, Bantha, myself, and (maybe) Emperordmb will be doing a roleplaying fanfic taking place during the latest known part of the renewed Great Galactic War.

My Character: The 2nd Emperor's Wrath

Name: Belkramm Xanterix

Age: 27

Height: 6'3

Race: Sith Pureblood

Affiliation: Sith Empire, Personal Executioner of the Emperor

Lightsaber/Forms: Dual Violet lightsabers; Jar'kai, Juyo, and Soresu

Bio: Born and bred on Korriban, Belkramm was a prodigiously powerful sith warrior, thought by some to be the second coming of Exar Kun.  When he began his trials, he surpassed all of the other students very quickly, even his rival, Vemrin.  As he was chosen to be the apprentice of Darth Baras, he ran the dark lord's errands and was a symbol of fear amongst the Republic.  Baras, knowing that Belkramm was growing too powerful, betrayed him and thought him to be dead.  It was then that the Emperor's Hands contacted Belkramm and anointed him as Emperor's Wrath.  Through the help of the Hands, Belkramm slew Darth Baras and ended the dark lord's bid to be named Emperor's Voice.  After securing Makeb and procuring a significant amount of Isotope 5 for the Empire, Darth Marr and the Wrath work jointly to combat the Republic.

Force Powers: Force Speed, Force Choke, Force Crush, Surging fist, Force Deflection, Force Rage, Saber Throw.

Other Armament: Power Guard Program Cybernetic Enhancements, Cybernetic Armor, Shield Generator.

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Fated Xtasy

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PostSubject: Re: Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters   Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 2:56 pm

My Character: Sith Strategist and Advisor. Darth Feral

Darth Feral

Age: 25

Height: 5'9

Race: Echani - Miraluka hybrid

Affiliation: Sith Empire, Main Strategist and Advisor to the Sith empire

Lightsaber/Forms:Single Green hilt and a Ancient sith sword; Makashi and Niman

Bio:  Born on the planet Dromund Kass to a poor family, Darth Feral, served a wealthy family as a servant, however after the family killed his parents, Feral single handedly slaughtered the family and their servants, impressing the sith emperor with his deeds his servant status was lifted and he was sent to Korriban where he quickly rose in rank and eventually became the apprentice to a powerful but arrogant sith lord, growing annoyed with his master's idiocy and arrogance, Feral challenged the boastful sith lord to a lightsaber duel and defeated him, leaving him broken and humiliated. after hearing of his deeds The Emperor himself along with the Dark Council granted Feral the title of Darth. After various successful missions against the jedi Feral was made the Strategist to the Sith Empire working closely with Both the sith emperor and the dark councilor Darth Marr.

Force Powers: Force Speed, Force Lightning, Force Cloak, Force Crush, Force Heal, Force Plague, Saber throw, Force Fear

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PostSubject: Re: Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters   Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 9:44 pm

Character: Renegade Sith sorcerer. Darth Necros

Real Name:Tyvan

Sith Name: Darth Necros



Race: Human

Affiliation: N/A

Lightsaber/Forms: Standard lightsaber with a 6 centimeter extended hilt. Red crystal. Shien and Djemn So

Bio: Born into the sith academy to two unknown sith, Tyvan was trained in the ways of the sith. He was pitted against his rival Rubac for the tittle of Darth. Knowing that Tyvan would never realize his full potential before his confrontation with Rubac, his master sent him on a dangerous mission to explore a sith tomb, promising that Tyvan would be named a Darth in Rubacs stead if he returned alive. Tyvan found a sith spirit in the tomb who taught him sith sorcery and dubbed him Darth Necros. Necros's master came to the tomb and begged Necros to return to the academy, also revealing that Rubac had been dubbed Darth Inimicus in his absence. Enraged Necros killed his master and went renegade, spending the rest of his days being hunted down by the dark counsil.

Powers: Force lightning, Force storm, force Heal, Illusions, telepathy, Force cloak, Necromancy, deadly sight, force choke

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PostSubject: Re: Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters   Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 10:08 pm

I'm not gonna be too invested as this, but I'm willing to chime in every so often when the situation calls for it.

My Character: Darth Marr

Name: Darth Marr

Age: 61

Height: 6'5

Race: Human

Affiliation: Sith Empire, Head of the Sphere of Defense of the Empire, Unofficial leader of the Dark Council

Lightsaber/Forms: Tulak Hord's lightsaber; Djem So, Makashi

Bio: Darth Marr was a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the Sith Empire's ruling Dark Council during the Great Galactic War, Cold War, and Galactic War with the Galactic Republic. A fearsome warrior and defender of the Empire, Darth Marr assumed a seat on the Dark Council in his early twenties, leading the Sphere of Defense of the Empire as he drove back entire armies and halted Republic offensives during the Great War. By the end of the war, Marr was one of only seven remaining Councilors. He continued to strengthen Imperial defenses and prepare for the inevitable conflict throughout the Cold War, distancing himself from the power plays and treachery that plagued the Council and weakened the Empire. As war broke out with the Republic, Marr watched as the Dark Council's numbers dwindled thanks to both the enemy and internal feuding, and he assumed a leadership role alongside fellow Councilors Darth Mortis and Darth Ravage after the deaths of Darth Baras and Darth Decimus, the heads of the Spheres of Military Offense and Military Strategy, left him in sole command of the Imperial Military. After the defeat of Emperor Vitiate, and the death of the "false" Emperor Malgus, Darth Marr is effectively the acting leader of the empire. Corroborating with the Emperor's wrath, Marr managed to secure a large amount of Isotope 5 for the Empire in its ever going struggle against the republic.

Force Powers: Force Speed, Force Choke, Force Crush, Force Rage, Surging Fist, Force Lightning, Lightning Storm.

Other Armament: Heavy Battle Armor, Extensive Cybernetics, Helmet with an advanced HUD.
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PostSubject: Re: Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters   Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 3:03 am

My Character: Darth Malikus

Name:  Markus Rozado (Alias)

Age: 63

Height: 5'11

Race: Bith

Affiliation: Sith Empire, InterGalactic Banking Clan, Sphere of Biotic Science

Lightsaber/Forms: Yellow, Single Curved Hilt Blade, Makashi expertise

Bio: An orphaned Bith on the polluted world of Nal Hutta, Malikus's Force sensitivity manifested itself as unrivaled intelligence.  Feared for his growing madness and cruelty, he abandoned sociality in favor of his obsession in biological sciences upon observing the chemical alterations of Nal Hutta's wildlife.  Despite their fear of his mental instability, many found themselves in awe of him--He always seemed to know where and when to do things to achieve success unknown to the poor citizens of Nal Hutta--It was as if he could clearly see the effects of his actions before he did them.
Working through the black markets and his infamous production of mutated specimens created from vile experiments that others dare not conduct, he eventually came to the attentions of Darth Acharon, who employed him into the Sith Empire's Sphere of Biotic Science.  Upon close observation, the Dark Councillor recognizes his latent Force Sensitivity, and seeing potential in his sadistic dark sciences takes him as his own apprentice.
During his time learning the ways of the Sith, Lord Malikus developed a secondary fascination--The dueling arts.  Though he finds most of the crude lightsaber styles repulsing, he heavily appreciates the precision and calculative efficiency of Form II, which he chooses as his primarily lightsaber style.  Ironically, despite his purely scientific nature, through years of practice Malikus proves himself to be one of those most formidable fencers in the Empire even as an apprentice, drawing the attention of many.
Upon the completion of his teachings under the Dark Arts from Darth Acharon, the newly christened Darth Malikus became obsessed with the idea of immortality and the obtaining of greater power.  Experimenting furiously on subjects varying from humans to Tu'kata, and even his own apprentice, he funded his studies through his fake identity "Markus Rozado" rising up through the upper ranks of the InterGalactic Banking Clans by manipulating his overseers, and ridding himself of his competitors through the use of the Dark Side.  In his quest to become an even greater being than the fallen Emperor before him, he has applied his dark research to engineer improvements unto his own body on occasion, increasing his physical traits, exotic powers, and lifespan while furthering his own insanity.
Darth Malikus has no interest in the affairs of the Sith's war, nor does he have any true loyalties to the Dark Council--He believes himself to be their betters entirely, and that one day he will become a perfect being through his sciences.  Because of his immeasurable gift of farsight, he deludes himself into believing his false visions of grandeur to be factual indications of what the future holds. Many have sought for his secrets, and more have yearned for his death--But all who have attempted to invade his labyrinth of a fortress have failed--Slaughtered by the monstrous mutations that were once his guards and soldiers that surround his base of operations, driven mad by the lingering taint of insanity losing themselves in it's deadly halls, or worse--have become subjects of his terrible experiments themselves.
Failing to achieve the perfect immortality of his dreams thus far, the infamous Darth Malikus sets out to achieve a specific objective.  Lord Scourge, the former Emperor's Wrath, was gifted with the immortality of the Sith's fallen leader--Malikus will have the secrets of his body at any cost!

Force Powers: Force Plague, Farsight, Shatterpoint, Dark Healing, Force Cloak, Force Deflection, Drain Knowledge, Force Lightning, Chain Lightning, Force Stasis, Lightsaber Throw, Force Crush, Mechu-Deru, Dun Moch, Beast Control

Other Armament:  Charged IsotopeV-enhanced gravitational combat suit, Flexible Durasteel Plate, Force Focus, Advanced Stimpacks, Scalpel, Sith Holocron, etc.

Overall Combat Ranking: Probably a cut above Darth Nyriss
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PostSubject: Re: Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters   Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters Empty

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Fate of the Empire Roleplaying Characters
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