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 Darth Necros Chapter 26

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PostSubject: Darth Necros Chapter 26   Darth Necros Chapter 26 EmptyFri Jun 06, 2014 1:12 am

The next Day

Darth Ayin gracefully walked into the middle of the Dark Council chamber, followed by her two pets, Darth Scalva and Darth Inimicus. She instinctively took a knee.

"Kneel!" She hissed and both her pets obeyed. "Why have you summoned us here my masters?"

"You have probably heard of the recent events that unfolded on Ratarek." Darth Marr spoke, "In light of this recent unfolding of events, it would appear that Darth Necros is far more powerful than what we originally assumed." As soon as these words were spoken Ayin sensed a sudden rush of anger emanating from Inimicus. She quickly turned her head towards him. He was opening his mouth to let out a slur of angry curses and threats.

"Don't you dare." She said quietly yet still threatening. Inimicus shut his mouth but the anger lingered.

"We cannot let that traitor go unpunished!" Darth Ravage said. Darth Marr nodded in his direction.

"Yes, but we cannot afford to send in an invasion force. The result would end in the death of our men, and the expansion of his army. This is why we have decided that a covert operation is the best choice." Darth Marr paused, "You three have been chosen to carry out this mission."

"You will sneak past his fleet and assassinate him. Hopefully this will kill all of his, "Zombies". "Darth Mortis explained, "If this is not the case, then we can still send in a fleet to finish them off with out concern of our troops being turned into them."

"Are your orders clear?" Asked Darth Marr.

"Yes my lords." Ayin said.

"Good, you are dismissed." Darth Marr said and waved a hand lazily towards them. They all got up and began walking out of the chambers. As they were leaving Darth Ravage interjected once more.

"And this time if you bring us back anything less than his dead body, we wont be so forgiving." Darth Ayin stopped.

"This time, Necros will die. This I swear." She said and exited the Dark Council chamber.


"Oh my!" Chatter Box exclaimed, throwing his hands over his head and scurrying behind a pillar for cover. "Your a mad man!"

"Oh c'mon Mr. Metal Man, hold still." Nad barely managed to say, shakily pointing his blaster at the pillar Chatter Box stood cowering behind. "I wont hit ya I promise."

"Your drunk!" Chatter Box exclaimed as he stuck its head out from behind the pillar. Nad fired a shot. The bolt grazed the top of Chatter Box's head, leaving a small black line. The droid ducked behind cover again in horror.

"Im not that drunk." Nad churled then hiccupped.

"Your very drunk!" Chatter Box retorted. "I find that to be one of your primary flaws. You are not working at you maximum capacity when you consume so much alcohol. If you weren't so much of a drunk you might even do so incredibly great things. But seeing as how...." Chatter Box's rant was cut short by a blaster being pressed up against his head.

"I found you, Mr. Metal man." Nad said between hiccups. Chatter Box threw its hands up in the air and took of running as fast as he could, screaming in horror in his metallic voice. Nad fired shots after the droid. Some of them nearly hitting the droid but ultimately the all burnt holes in the walls and floor, and with his last shot a window shattered. Nad flinched at the sound of the glass breaking. "If you would just hold still that wouldn't happen." Nad called after the droid. He raised his shaky arm once again in the direction of the droid, taking time to aim. "I got you now." He said under his breath and squeezed the trigger. Instead of a blaster bolt flying out of the gun, the gun flew sideways out of Nads hand. "Huh?" He said and looked over to see Darth Necros standing there holding the gun. "Hey that's mine!"

"Its time for you to sober up." Darth Necros said. "I suspect the Dark Council will make there move shortly."

"Oh c'mon your sithlyness." Nad smiled, "Just one more drink."

"No," Necros said sternly,  "I need you sober, so no more drinks."

"Awe, "Nad frowned, "Your the worst sith ever!"
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Darth Necros Chapter 26
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