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 Darth necros chapter 27

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Two days later.

Nad Talsek walked into the throne room, sober again. Chatter Box glanced wearily towards him. Darth Necros sat on the throne with his hands raised towards the three undead sith. They looked different. They were all wrapped like mummies in pitch black cloth that covered every inch of there bodies except for there eyes. Each one of them had different eye color. One blood red, one sinister yellow, and the last fiery orange.

"Behold! My Mighty Dead Lords!" Necros announced. Nad crossed his arms in disapproval.

"Dead Lords? You made me get sober for this?" Nad frowned.

"No, I made you get sober so that we can lay a trap for when Darth Ayin comes." Necros replied.

"We have a whole fleet above us. I don't think she will be able to sneak up on us." Nad replied.

"She wouldn't be the Dark Councils best assassin if she couldn't sneak past a fleet undetected." Necros said.

"I guess your right. Let her come," Nad smiled and cracked his knuckles," I want to put a blaster bolt right between her eyes."

"I have seen you try and shoot things before, " Chatter Box said, "And frankly im horrified for all the valuables in this palace." Nad gave the droid a mean look, and the droid ducked frightened behind Necros's throne.

"Lets get to work. We have a lot of planning to do." Necros said.

Darth Ayin moved quietly along the side of the palace. She came across a broken window and silently jumped inside. Darth Scalva and Inimicus followed suit. Ayin was masking there presence with the force, no one would sense them coming. Darth Ayin pushed a door open quietly to the throne room. Necros was standing there with his back turned reading a book, completely oblivious to her presence. She scanned the room, no one else was present. He was alone. She moved stealthily, not making a sound. She was a few meter away now. Her lips curved up into a sinister smile. She wrapped her hand around his mouth and stuck her lightsaber to Necros's back.

"At last this assignment is over." She whispered in his ear, his eyes were wide with terror. Pathetic! She thought, then activated one end of her lightsaber. The blade burned through his chest and he struggled in the last second of his life, then he fell still. Ayin held the body of her defeated foe in her hands. Inimicus and Scalva walked up behind her.

"Is he really dead?" He inquired. Ayin held up the body towards Inimicus.

"Does he look like he's alive to you?" She asked sarcastically. Inimicus crossed his arms and began laughing. The body she was holding began melting away. It fell through her arms onto the floor and then disappeared entirely.

"Yes it does." Inimicus chuckled then activated both of his lightsabers as dozens of undead soldiers burst into the room being lead by Nad Talsek. Ayin left out a scream of frustration and activated her lightsaber as well.

"You didn't think it was going to be that easy did you?" Nad flashed a smiled, as he pointed he's blaster at Ayins head and activated the lightsaber on his metal arm.
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Darth necros chapter 27
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