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 Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

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PostSubject: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads   Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:11 pm

Here I will be posting minirespect threads for the minor characters in the Darth Bane trilogy, as supplementary material to my Bane and Zannah respect threads.
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads   Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:48 pm


The Sith Council was impressed with Githany
“At his side Kaan whispered, "Remarkable, isn't she?”-POD

The Dark Side was strong in Githany
“The dark side is strong in her.”-POD

Kopecz considers Githany dangerous.
“I think she's dangerous.”-POD

Githany’s power drew the attention of all of the apprentices, particularly the top one, turned towards her.
“The Zabrak's attention, like the attention of nearly all the apprentices, had turned to the young human female who had come to join them shortly after the battle on Ruusan.”-POD

The force was exceptionally strong in Githany.
“The Force was exceptionally strong in her.”-POD

Githany was capable of crushing her rivals at the academy.
“In only a few weeks she'd already developed a reputation for crushing those who got in her way.”-POD

The ways of the Dark Side came naturally to Githany.
“Even though she'd been with the Sith only a short time, the ways of the dark side came naturally to her.”-POD

Githany’s whip gives her a big advantage in combat.
"Like Githany's whip!" Bane exclaimed. Githany eschewed traditional weaponry in favor of the very rare energy whip: just one of the many traits that made her stand out from the other apprentices. It operated on the same basic principles as a lightsaber, but instead of a steady beam, the energy of the crystals was projected in a flexible ribbon that would twist, turn, and snap in response to both Githany's physical motions and her use of the Force. "Exactly. The energy whip is far less efficient than any of the lightsaber blades. However, nobody ever practices against the whip. Githany knows that her enemies' confusion at being confronted with the whip gives her an edge.”-POD

Githany was among the top apprentices.
“Only the top apprentices had been present when Qordis had taught them to use the dark side to corrupt the Force into a deadly storm.”-POD

Githany fucked up a bloodlusted Llokay
“But Githany's whip was snapping and cracking at Llokay's eyes and face, and his blade was busy frantically warding off the blows. Bane turned his attention back to Sirak, who hesitated. At that moment there was a scream from Llokay: he had misjudged the erratic path of Githany's energy whip and lost an eye. A second scream would have followed, but she gashed open his throat, the burning tip of her weapon searing his vocal cords so he died in agonized silence.”-POD
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads   Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:53 pm


Sirak was the top apprentice at the academy.
“He half expected to see Lord Kas'im, but instead of the Blademaster he found himself staring into the orange eyes of Sirak, another apprentice at the Academy. Or rather, the top apprentice at the Academy.”-POD

Sirak was the embodiment of Zabrak characteristics of ambition, determination, arrogant, and strong in the force.
“Zabrak tended to be ambitious, driven, and arrogant-perhaps it was these traits that made the Force-sensitives of the race so strong in the ways of the dark side-and Sirak was the perfect embodiment of those characteristics.”-POD

Sirak was stronger than his allies by far.
“He was far and away the strongest of the three. Wherever Sirak went, the other two usually followed, trailing at his heel like obedient servants.”-POD

Sirak was both powerful and dangerous.
“The Iridonian Zabrak was both powerful and dangerous.”-POD

Sirak impressed Qordis with his understanding of the dark side.
"Sirak understands the power of the dark side," he said with a smile. "Passion fuels the dark side.”-POD

Some of the apprentices think Sirak could be the Sith’ari.
"I ... I've heard some of the other students use it. About Sirak. They say he could be the Sith'ari.""Some of the old texts speak of the Sith'ari," Qordis answered slowly, gesturing with a ring-laden claw at the books scattered about the room. "They say the Sith will one day be led by a perfect being, one who embodies the dark side and all we stand for.”-POD

The seemingly hyperbolically good statements about Sirak’s skill were accurate.
“But he'd heard other students talk of Sirak's prowess in the dueling ring, telling wild tales of his unbeatable skills. Ever since the Zabrak had approached him on the stairs, Bane had watched his opponent during training sessions in preparation for this confrontation. And from what he'd seen, the seemingly exaggerated accounts of his prowess were all too accurate.”-POD

Sirak was capable of seemlessly switching forms in combat and demonstrated great power in Djem So. And this was without even showing his true level of skill
“At one moment Sirak seemed to be using the jabs and thrusts of Vaapad, the most aggressive and direct of the seven traditional forms. But in the middle of a sequence he would suddenly shift to the power attacks of Djem So, generating such force that even a blocked strike caused Bane to stagger back.”-POD

Sirak’s true level of skill involved him using sequences that blended several forms at once and switched rapidly between them.
“Sirak had been toying with him in the first few passes, dragging the fight out so his victory would seem more impressive. Now he was showing his true skill, using sequences that blended several forms at once, switching rapidly among different styles in complex patterns Bane had never seen before.”-POD

The power behind Sirak’s blows was impressive.
“Then he moved in close to finish the job with his blades. The first blow hit with the impact of a landspeeder slamming into an irax, breaking Bane's right wrist.”-POD

Sirak would destroy Githany if they ever fought.
"Tomorrow morning I'm going to challenge him in the dueling ring." "What?" Bane shook his head. "Don't be stupid, Githany! He'll destroy you!" Perfect, she thought. "I have no choice, Bane," she said gravely. "I've already told you I don't believe in the legend of the Sith'ari. Sirak may be the top student in the school, but he's not invincible.” "He may not be the Sith'ari, but he's still too strong for you. You can't face him in the dueling ring, Githany. I've studied him; I know how good he is. You can't beat him.”-POD
For more information on Githany click here:

Before Bane surpassed him, Sirak had been the most powerful apprentice in every respect.
“He had been invincible, untouchable-the top apprentice in every discipline. He'd heard the rumors and the whispers. They called him the Sith'ari, the perfect being.”-POD

Sirak had never been defeated before Bane.
"No one ever beat me in the dueling ring before Bane!”-POD

Sirak’s lightning had lethal intensity.
“Bane was almost too distracted to see Sirak unleashing a bolt of crackling blue lightning at him. At the last second he twisted and caught the potentially lethal blast with the blade of his lightsaber, absorbing its energy.”-POD
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads   Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:58 pm

(thanks goes out to Wildbantha88, I used some of the quotes from his respect thread)

Kas’im fought with perfect form.
“Kas'im's form and technique were flawless.”-POD

Before his prime, Kas’im defeated his master Na’daz, who was a powerful Sith Lord and a very skilled duelist in his own right.
"My Master was a great Sith Lord," Kas'im continued. "He was particularly adept in the arts of lightsaber combat-a skill he passed on to me. He taught me how to use the double-bladed lightsaber, though as you can see he preferred a more traditional design for himself. Except for the handle, of course.”

“I took it when I killed him." Bane was so stunned that he couldn't cover his reaction. The Blademaster saw it and smiled slightly. "I had learned everything I could from Master Na'daz. As strong as he was in the dark side, I was stronger. As skilled as he was with the lightsaber, I became better.”

Even after curb stomping Sirak, Bane considered the notion that he could take Kas’im on in a real fight a preposterous one.
"You are not ready to challenge me, young apprentice. I have taught you everything you know, but I haven't taught you everything I know." Bane couldn't help but smile. The notion of facing Kas'im in a real fight was preposterous. He knew he was no match for the Blademaster. Not yet. "I will keep that in mind, Master.”-POD
For more information on Sirak click here:

Kaan recognized Kas’im as the greatest swordsmen in the order.
“Kaan could ill afford to lose the loyalty of the greatest swordsman of his camp.”-POD

Kas’im struck at a speed of ten strikes per second against Bane with his saber staff.
“Kas'im lunged in again, and the room was filled with the hiss and hum of lightsabers striking each other half a dozen times within the space of two heartbeats.”-POD

Kas'im blasted open a heavy door with a force blast.
“Recognizing what was happening, Kas'im blew open the heavy door of the side room with the Force and dived inside.”-POD

Kas’im mastered and perfected every form of lightsaber combat to the point at which he was possibly the greatest duelist who ever lived up until his time.
“Kas'im had trained his entire life for this moment. After years of study, he'd mastered all seven forms of the lightsaber. Then he'd honed his skill for decades, perfecting every move and sequence until he had become the perfect weapon and the greatest living swordsman in the galaxy. Maybe the greatest swordsman ever.”-POD

Kas’im’s speed improves even more when he switches to Jar’kai, to the point at which he appears to be wielding three times as many blades as he has.
“The Blademaster was unrelenting in his pressure. He seemed to wield six blades rather than two.”-POD

He was blocked the impact of a force wave strong enough to crumble a temple.
“The concussive blast had enough power to shatter every bone in Kas'im's body and pulverize his flesh into a mass of pulpy liquid. But at the last possible instant he threw up a shield to protect himself from the attack.”-POD

Githany does not think anyone else in the entire order would stand a chance against Bane if Kas’im failed to kill him.
“She laughed. "If he could handle Kas'im, then I doubt anyone else will stand a chance against him.”-POD

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PostSubject: Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads   Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads   

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Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads
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