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 Darth Zannah's illusions

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Darth Zannah's illusions Empty
PostSubject: Darth Zannah's illusions   Darth Zannah's illusions EmptySat Jun 07, 2014 11:49 pm

I think Zannah's illusions are being severely underrated here. What you have to consider is that Bane is the only one who has successfully overcome Zannah's illusions, and he has some of the best mental feats in all of Star Wars.

Bane was easily capable of brushing off Kaan's mind tricks, which were capable of controlling the rest of the order.

He forcibly removed the greatest secret in Andeddu’s holocron keeping up an intense focus backed by a lot of willpower for several hours. Andeddu’s holocron as revealed in Legacy, also contains his spirit, so Bane was essentially dominating Andeddu’s spirit for hours while keeping up an intense mental focus and performing a delicate complex procedure.

Bane still maintained the mental composure after having his arm severed by a tendril to evoke the complex and difficult ritual of essence transfer. To put this into context, the slight touch of a tendril was far beyond any pain Bane had ever felt before, and Bane was once trapped in a bubble of his own lightning, which was capable of reducing people to ash, meanwhile the orbalisks were burrowing deeper into his body with their teeth while expanding and eventually exploding, releasing a toxin that began to break him down on a molecular level.

Keep in mind the whole "Jedi have no fear" argument doesn't hold up either, as Zannah's illusions easily and instantly brought a Jedi Knight to his knees before she reached her peak with this power. If anything, Jedi deal with their emotion by suppressing it, so when their fears are all drawn out in front of them and applied offensively, they'll have a hard time dealing with it.

All in all, there is only a small handful people who can overcome Zannah's illusions.
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Darth Zannah's illusions
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