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 Satele Shan Respect Thread. (unfinished)

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Satele Shan Respect Thread. (unfinished) Empty
PostSubject: Satele Shan Respect Thread. (unfinished)   Satele Shan Respect Thread. (unfinished) EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 1:14 pm

"She was a full head shorter than Shigar but radiated an indomitable sense of self. Even via holoprojector, she made Master Nobil, an immense Thisspiasian with full ceremonial beard, shift uncomfortably on his tail."

"His master silenced him with a gentle but irresistible telepathic nudge."

"She knew her own role well enough: Satele Shan, hero of the Republic, paragon of the Jedi Order, strong in the Force. She was champion of the light, a symbol; an icon." Page 3 TOR Annihilation

"it was time for her to return; the Republic had fought too long with out their champion. The Sith Empires relentless advance had gone too far. She could no longer ignore the Republic's needs"

The Grand Master possessed prodigious Force powers. A gesture crushed hexes into balls or blew them apart from the inside. A look stilled them mid-lunge while Ax rushed in to finish them off. - Fatal Alliance. Page 375

Master Satele floated in a ball in the center of the room, her Force shield shimmering around her, a milky luminescence maintained barely a finger-span from her body. - Fatal Alliance. Page 300

Do you see this in the future, Master?" The foresight of Grand Master Satele Shan was legendary, and never wrong. - Fatal Alliance. Page 51

" Impressive reflexes," said Master Satele, to all appearances unconcerned by the possibility that Ax might have cut her in half. She hadn't even activated her own lightsaber. "Your peripheral vision could use some work, though. I've been on your tail ever since you landed." - Fatal Alliance. Page 373

"You dropped a mountain on him," Jace grunted in disbelief, "How could anyone survive that?" 125 Tor Annihilation

"I had a vision," She told him. "The Force showed me that you would need my help on Alderaan, and I petitioned the Council to send reinforcements." 124 Tor Annihilation
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Satele Shan Respect Thread. (unfinished)
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