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 The Last Acolyte Chapter 2

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PostSubject: The Last Acolyte Chapter 2   The Last Acolyte Chapter 2 EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 3:54 pm

Sakali sat in the farthest seat of the transport ship, her snow white hair, moving ever so slightly as the cool air that came from the ships vents breezed through, she could feel the looks she got from the common folk, some whispered in low voices, debating whether or not she was jedi, others barely noticed her - or rather didn't want to notice her. Who'd want jedi breathing down their neck? She thought to herself, it had been nearly five months since the 'incident' at Gallidran. Five months, since her master died. Five months since the council refused to bring the bounty hunter to justice. Sakali clenched her fist, her nails digging painfully deep into her skin.

"Five months of searching..." Sakali whispered. For five months, she searched the jedi archives for information on the gallidran incident, spoke with offworlders visiting Corousant from Gallidran, and endured the endless lectures of 'acceptance' from the jedi. I'll be at 'peace' when he's dead! Sakali’s search had led her to the desert world of Tatooine, a hive of criminals and worthless low life’s who cared only about themselves.  Much like the damn council

“We will be approaching Mos Eisley in thirty-five minutes”

Sakali took a deep breath, her eyes fixated on the cool durasteel ground. I will avenge you master. After exactly thirty-five minutes the transport ship finally arrived at its destination. Mos Eisley. The rusty durasteel doors opened with a creak that made the young jedi huntress want to cover her ears.

“Thank you for choosing Czerka Corperation transit as your choice of transportation, have a nice day”

‘choice’ my ass!  Were it not for the dozens of witnesses and ‘security’ guards Sakali would’ve destroyed the ship and force him to return the credits he practically stole from those poor people. The mission comes first she reminded herself, ignoring the dirty and curious looks she got from the local ‘security’ she made her way to the nearby cantina, – the hive of both criminal and ‘relaxing’ activity.

“Eh what are you looking at” The Twi’lek bouncer asked. “You a new dancer?” his human friend eyed Sakali looking her over.

“Ain’t she a little too young? I mean what are ya, Sixteen?”

“I am looking for someone, bounty hunter. Possibly human” Sakali inquired, ignoring the human bouncer’s question. The Twi’lek let out a loud – mocking laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“Look around girl, this is tatooine, a place filled with bounty hunters of all races and affiliations!” he said motioning to the various ‘security’ thugs stationed in the city. “If you are looking for a bounty hunter you are going to have to be a little more specific”

Sakali began to lose her patience, the dark aura that had surrounded her the day she stood before the council, was once again making an appearance this time it was much stronger and clear to see, the two men began to feel their minds – their very brain, hurt, the pain almost akin to a thousand tiny knives piercing their skulls. “You will let me in!” Sakali ordered, the men far too busy holding their heads and struggling in her grip to respond.

“Yes! We….we’ll let you in”

“Please just let us go” the human bouncer begged. Let us go? Suddenly the tiny blades that had been piercing their skulls vanished. “You will forget all about me and continue about your day normally” Sakali said as she moved her hand in a waving motion, the two bouncers repeated her words as she made her way in to the cantina. “Gre’vir where the hell are you” Sakali whispered. Gre’vir was an old Ithorian pazaak player and the owner of the bar, he had helped her and her master find a old and lost holocron that was said to have belonged to the ancient jedi weapons master, Kavar a jedi that supposedly lived during the Mandalorian wars and the first jedi purge.

Hey, are you cheating you old ithorian bastard!” a rodian gambler said, pulling his blaster as he grabbed the old ithorian by the throat.

“I don’t cheat sonny I’m too old and frail, my minds not what it used to be” Gre’vir said trying to look as pathetic as possible, the act drew a smile from Sakali. Old lying, cheating son of gizka is actually gonna get away with it isn’t he? The rodian looked almost apologetic. “Alright old, guy sorry for accusing you why don’t I buy you a drink huh?” the ithorian smiled – or atleast gave something akin to a smile.


Sakali moved to the old ithorians table, taking a seat next to the old ithorian. “You are a lucky old geezer you know that?” The Ithorian raised a none existent brow. “I don’t know what you’re talking about “the comment drew a loud laugh from the young padawan. “What’s so funny?”

“You’re such a hutt, Gre’vir” it was Gre’vir’s turn to give a thunderous laugh. “Still as disrespectful as always I see, not really fitting for a jedi is it – speaking of which where is that annoying bastard jedi master of yours?” instantly Sakali’s mood changed and Gre’vir felt it. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“Master Veran is dead” Sakali said her hands on her thighs, her nails digging deep in to the fabric of her clothes. The ithorian scooted closer to the young jedi, putting his arms around her and pulling her into an embrace.

“What happened”  

“He was killed by a bounty hunter on gallidran” as much as she tried she couldn’t hold back her tears, she lost her father figure, her best friend for sixteen years! The ithoritan continued to stroke the young girls back. “I’ll be right back Sakali”

“Everyone the Bars close I have a family emergency, please leave at once” the various customers complained. “I promise you tomorrow drinks are on the house!” satisfied with the ithorians offer the customers began to leave, finally allowing Gre’vir and Sakali to talk about her master’s death.

“Alright so, how I can help you?”

“You’ve got contacts in the space port right?” the ithorian nodded, while he wasn’t a crime lord or a spice trader he was well respected by everyone in Mos Eisley for his kindness to the poor and his skills with the blaster having killed a great Krayt dragon during his youth. “I need you to ask around and find out if a shuttle came from gallidran”

“Okay, but just one question, how can you be certain he is here? Why not search a place like Nar Shaadda?”

“Because Nar Shaddaa is an obvious place for a bounty hunter to go hide in and this guy is no ordinary bounty hunter”

“Alright im with you Sakali”
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The Last Acolyte Chapter 2
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