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 Gnost-Dural Respect thread

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PostSubject: Gnost-Dural Respect thread   Gnost-Dural Respect thread EmptySun Jun 15, 2014 4:03 am

Gnost-Dural was a Kel Dor jedi master and member of the high council during The old Republic era. He was the Orders for most expert on the Sith, and the former master to Darth Malgus's apprentice, Darth Karrid. Despite being a historian he was still one of the most powerful and skilled jedi of the era.

All quotes are from The old Republic: Annihilation


She had witnessed his lightsaber skills during there battle; now it seemed she was intent on finding some explanation in his weapon. Page 306

"I heard tales of your great battle prowess while I was on Tython." She told him. Page 232

Master Gnost-Dural's appearance was intimidating and unsettling. But Theron knew he was respected and honored Masters in the Order.
page 109 

 Having reviewed the file the Jedi sent over, however, Theron knew he was more than a mere historian. Gnost-Dural was also an accomplished warrior; he'd been battling the Sith ever since their startling reemergence on the galactic stage, longer than Theron had even been alive. 110 page

"You've got quite the little operation going." Theron said appreciatively, "For a Jedi Historian, you make a pretty good spy." page 131 

Gnost-Dural could have easily use his lightsaber to slice through the fence and dispatch all six of the soldiers before they could cry for help. Page 152


Gnost Dural uses the force to break a metal door handle.
Calling on the Force he warped, twisted, and snapped the handle off. Page 152

Impersonating a sith lord Gnost-Dural uses force choke to intimidate a soldier, but I honestly don't think he would kill over even us this ability under any normal circumstances.

The guard hesitated but held her ground, and he realized that she needed more convincing. The Kel Dor extended his hand while simultaneously reaching out with the Force to applied a faint pressure on her windpipe.
    She threw her hands up to her throat and her eyes went wide with terror as her oxygen supply was cut off. After a few moments he released his hold, causing her to fall to her knees as she took in deep, desperate gulps of oxygen. Page 229

Gnost-Dural throws people with TK

At the same time he used the Force to pick up the two others and send them crashing into the ceiling before letting them drop back down to the floor. Page 231

The Jedi responded by lashing out with the Force, hurling the four heavily armored soldiers several meters back down the corridor. Page 230

The Jedi stepped in front of Theron and batted away the blaster bolts before using the Force to hurl the guards back around the corner. From the grunts and groans it was clear they had slammed into the other members of the team hard enough to inflict real damage. Page 311

Gnost-Dural stood up and reached out with the Force, using it to pick the surviving soldier up and pull her out into the open. She flew several meters through the air before landing on the exposed ground Page 153

He saw the second guard reaching forward to hit the alarm, he knocked him back with a powerful Force Push. Page 308

Gnost-Dural uses a Force Wave to sweep both Darth Karrids apprentices off there feet while on a dark side nexus.
Knowing he was running out of time, Gnost-Dural switched tactics again. He thrust out with a powerful Force Wave sweeping them both off there feet. Page 236

Saber Throw

Before they even hit the ground he had sprung to his feet, charging towards them as he threw his lightsaber sidearm. The spinning blade struck the nearest of the foes, slicing through the chest plate of his battle armor and into his vulnerable flesh beneath. Page 230

He threw his lightsaber in Darth Karrids direction, sending it end-over-end on a direct line with his target. Page 238

At the same time, Gnost-Dural hurled his lightsaber down the hall, striking down a guard who'd dared to peek around the corner. Page 312


Pulling the hood of his cloak over his head to obscure his features, the Jedi slipped out of the shuttle and took off, moving with the supernatural speed of one driven by the Force. Page 227

Gnost-Dural was little more than a blur of motion and movement as he raced through the corridors of Reaver Station. The imperial soldiers he flew past reacted with a mix of surprise, curiosity, and alarm, but he came and went so fast that none of them fully realized what had happened. Left in his wake, they exchanged a few puzzled glances with their friends, then laughed off the odd but seemingly harmless encounter as their minds convinced them that the person who'd just ran past couldn't possible have been moving that fast. Pages 227-228

Before they even hit the ground he had sprung to his feet, charging towards them as he threw his lightsaber sidearm. Page 230

From this quote Gnost-Dural is atleast 4 strikes per second but I would put him at 5 or 6 because this took place in LESS than a second.

The apprentice blocked two overhand strikes, but then overreacted when the Kel Dor feigned a third, leaving himself vulnerable down low. The Jedi turned his wrist and spun to his left, reversing the direction of the blade too quickly for the apprentice to recover, and removed him from the battle with a deep slash across the midsection that nearly severed the man in two.
    The entire sequence took less than a second...Page 318

Keep in mind with this next quote that there is a trained force wielder in the room.
Gnost-Dural reacted with the superior reflexes and blinding speed of a true Jedi Master, already in motion before the others even realized something had gone wrong. Page 307


Gnost-Dural had some use of the jedi mind trick, I would compare it to about the same level as Qui gon jinn. He can only effect weak willed subjects.

"No cover for us." He said, waving his hand in front of him in an almost hypnotic gesture. "We're friends of the owner." Page 197


All though not a weapon he carries around or opts for he is very capable of wielding a blaster effectively

Gnost-Dural crouched on one knee, drew his blaster, and shot the first one as he came racing around the corner, killing him instantly. Page 153

Gnost-Dural shot her before she could even get to her feet. Page 153

He scrambled over to the door and poked his head around the corner, his weapon ready. Two of Pressik's men were down; the captain and the others had turned there attention to a figure firing at them from the shadows just beyond the door leading to the stairwell...
"Its me," The voice of Master Gnost-Dural called out, careful not use any names. "Are you hurt?" Page 165

Some Time telling power.

Gnost-Dural is able to keep track of time via the Force. Yea its kind of a weird power but hey, now he doesn't need to spend 60 credits on a watch!

Despite Karrid's torture, however, he felt his perception of time and space- an awareness born of being closely attuned to the universal power of the Force- returning. A little more than ten hours had past since the attack on Karrid's inner sanctum; Page 264

Lightsaber Duelist.

Gnost-Dural was a master lightsaber duelist with lots of skill in multiple forms. Something to note is that all of the lightsaber duels he was shown in took place on a powerful dark side nexus.

The power of the dark side all around him was impossible to ignore; it seeped from the very walls of the Ascendant Spear, a twisted creation of a brilliant yet diseased mind. Page 305

He could feel evil and corruption enveloping him, growing steadily stronger during his decent, and he knew it wasn't because of his former Padawans presence. When Darth Mekhis had created the Ascendant Spear, she'd use a combination of experimental technology and Sith alchemy to imbue the ship itself with the energies of the dark side. By the time Gnost-Dural stepped into the turbolift that would take him to the black-heart of the vessel, he was feeling physically nauseated from the effects. Page 230

Gnost-Dural is depicted using Forms Soresu, Ataru, Djemn So and Juyo. He has also trained Darth Karrid, before she fell to the dark side, in Niman. He also recognizes that his opponents are using Makshi. Based on all this information I think its safe to assume that Gnost-Dural knows all 7 forms of lightsaber combat.

There attacks were basic variations on the Makashi style... Page 236

He had trained her in Niman, the sixth and most balanced form of lightsaber combat. Page 238

...occasionally slipping in quick maneuvers drawn from the more aggressive Ataru form to keep them off balance. Page 237

...The Kel Dor countered with Djemn so... Page 237

...Gnost-Dural switched to the defensive Soresu form. Page 238

He came in at her with a flurry of intense strikes drawn from Juyo... Page 308

Gnost-Dural first fought both of Darth Karrids apprentices while she watched and was about to defeat them before she stepped in. Darth Karrid them immediately stepped back out of fear because she knew Gnost was more skilled than only of the three. 

And then later he fought one of the apprentices one on one and killed her within seconds.

Then he fought another three on one battle against the last apprentice and two sith lords who swore fealty to Karrid. These two sith lords were far more skilled than the apprentice. Gnost was able to kill the apprentice in less than a second and hold the skilled sith lords off for a long time before the battle was broken off.

"Fortunatly, despite the IMPRESSIVE SKILL possessed by two of the three opponents, they were not attacking him as a group. Page 317

Dueling Quotes.

The chaotic patterns and haphazard sequences picked apart the Sith's defenses in a matter of second, the battle ended with Master Gnost-Dural plunging his lightsaber through her chest and out the other side, impaling her as she had originally tried to do so to him. Pages 308-309

The Jedi Master met and repelled each and every attack, holding his ground behind a near-impenetrable wall of defense. Page 317
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Gnost-Dural Respect thread
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