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 MOTF Book I: BOTE Chapter 2

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The workshop was a symphony of whirring and buzzing noises as the hydrospanner kissed the metal of the A.P.C. The Anti-Particle Cannon, or A.P.C for short, was an experimental weapon that fired bursts of antimatter particles. Upon contact with regular matter at a high velocity, the antimatter particles would collide with the regular matter and rip it apart in a deadly explosion.

Or at least that’s how it was supposed to work. Arthur still hadn’t managed to get the weapon working, but he was close to it. Despite failing numerous times in the past, he knew he would succeed today. He wasn’t quite sure how he knew of his impending success, but he was dead certain of it.

The Lightor prized themselves on technological advancement, and spent alot of their time in workshops perfecting their own experiments. As the Lightor prince, Arthur of course had his own private workshop, filled with all of the latest tools and a holographic interface.

Once he was done putting in the screws, Arthur set aside the hydrospanner and reached for the plasma welder. Now that the internal components were all aligned and adjusted it was time to weld the outer plating on.

As Arthur turned on the plasma welder he reveled in the hum and whir of it coming to life. When he began attaching the plates, he could feel the warmth of the plasma welder in his hands as his face was bathed in its glow. To him it was the light of industry, the light of technology, the light of progress.

Arthur believed in his heart, just like the rest of the Lightor people, that science and technological advancement was the key to a brighter future, the key to a Lightor utopia. Any concept that could be grasped by the Lightor mind could one day be brought to life through knowledge, effort, and machinery.

This is the beauty of my people, Arthur thought to himself. We use our knowledge to seek our dreams, and the dreams of those close to us. And indeed one of his own dreams was nearing fruition.

Arthur was a skilled craftsman and a brilliant boy even among his own people. Though he was only twelve, he had already been largely successful in his own technological advancements, with a set of golden power armor, a supercharged sword, several highly advanced battle droids, and an advanced complex data network he shared with his friends.

Even with his young talent however he had still failed the last eight times he had attempted the creation of this weapon. This time however, he moved with a focus and a passion he had never felt before, almost as if some unseen force was guiding his thoughts and actions.

Just a few more seconds, and… done! The plating was now fully attached and the weapon was ready for charging. Arthur stood up, cradling the weapon in his hands as if it were a newborn child, and brought it over to the charge-port for charging.

Knowing it would take a few minutes, Arthur exited the workshop through the door and walked back into his room. He went to his sink and washed the grease off of his hands before heading out to his balcony.

As Arthur felt the cool breeze of the evening sky brush against his skin, he gazed out across the city awestruck. The Lightor capital was truly a beauty to behold at dusk. The nighttime lights of the city were being activated, but the city was still bathed in the daylight setting along the horizon.

Illuminated in natural and artificial light, the sight of his city was one that took Arthur’s breath away every time he gazed upon it. It represented the peak of his people’s technology and knowledge. It was an almost perfect city where people lived in harmony, and this was why Arthur was constructing tools of war. To protect his home.

Though his people wanted peace, they were the only ones on the planet who thought that way. Early on in his youth, Arthur had heard about the other Innamortan kingdoms who practiced the art of war, almost as if it were a religion. Arthur thought upon these people as barbarous fools who were ignorant of the higher knowledge his people possessed.

The Lightor had long ago tried to intervene and show them reason, by attempting to put an end to their savagery and bloodshed. To lead them into a brighter age. But the other kingdoms resisted the Lightor’s efforts and massed together in an attempt to stop them.

Arthur’s father, King Barrus told him that he would one day be king. One day this beautiful city would be his city. The Lightor people would be his people, and he would be their king. As such, Arthur knew that it would one day be his responsibility to defend his people against these perverse barbarians.

He was perfecting his own arsenal as a necessity to fight for his dream. A dream of a Lightor people untouched by war, with their way of peace and knowledge spread across the planet. Then and only then would the world prosper and be perfect. Under their rule.

Just then Arthur heard a series of beeping noises. It was a signal that his newest creation was fully charged and ready for testing. He reluctantly turned his back to the incredible view just outside of his balcony and began to head back in the direction of his workshop, sated by the knowledge that the view would be waiting for him every day for as long as the city stood. As long as his city stood.

As he reentered his private workshop, he noticed the power cell on his newly constructed A.P.C. glowing green, a signal that confirmed that his new toy was fully charged and ready for testing. And what better place than the testing chamber.

The testing chamber was a state of the art facility located underground for the Lightor to test out their new technologies. It was equipped with numerous power sources, advanced materials, and even an advanced holographic virtual combat chamber.

Because of how advanced the facility was, most Lightor had to work for years and demonstrate numerous scientific breakthroughs before being granted access to it. Fortunately for Arthur, being a prince gave him a free pass to the facility, and he intended to take full advantage of that opportunity.

Satisfied with his own  handiwork he was now on his way to get it tested, but first he was going to make a slight detour. He had a friend to see, and if everything went according to plan she would accompany him to the testing chamber.


The room was filled with a loud scream. Jaira was currently in the public workshop using it’s tools in an attempt to create a blaster for use on the battlefield. But what may one day save her life was only causing her great distress and outrage right now.

“Why won’t you work?!!” Jaira shouted in frustration, but it was no use. She was screaming at an inanimate object. One that would never respond to the sound of her voice.

She, like her best friend Arthur, was preparing an array of combat equipment to defend her people. The rest of her equipment had been relatively easy to make. Her suit of armor was easy enough. Just a few delicately shaped plates and a slightly upgraded shield generator. It wasn’t as complex as the golden masterpiece Arthur had constructed for his armor, but it would protect her and shield her from harm in combat.

Her melee weapon wasn’t overly complex either. Basically she took a superconducting pole, fit it with some electrical relays, and sent a high voltage charge running through it. It was a simple weapon, but an effective one as well. The blunt force coupled with the intense concentration of energy made it an effective choice for lethal to nonlethal altercations.

However her blaster, or the blaster she was currently attempting and failing to construct, was far more complex. It was an automatic blaster that fired special projectiles in a rapid fire fashion. The first blast would stun a foe, and the next few would either neutralize or kill them depending on what the situation called for, and of course how far Jaira was willing to go

It was supposed to fire blasts of plasma contained in an electrical field, but instead released a static discharge whenever she pulled the trigger. She was intelligent for an eleven year old Lightor, but even then technology wasn’t her strong suit. Her true passion was in wildlife. Whenever she wasn’t spending time with Arthur or working on her battlefield equipment, she would visit the gardens.

Whenever she wain the gardens she found herself mesmerized and transfixed by the plant life surrounding her. In a way, she almost felt connected to the life around her. The way she felt and perceived plant life seemed like it transcended her physical senses at times.

She could sure use a trip to the gardens right now to ease her mind. She didn’t normally get this angry, but after several attempts at constructing this weapon were wasted in vain, she was starting to get more than a little bit riled up. Her face was flushed red with frustration, and her skin was hot to the touch.

Jaira quickly realized she was starting to lose control of her temper, so she took a deep breath. As she exhaled she could feel some of her built up tension starting to ease up. Deciding she could benefit greatly from a quick break she went over to the sink and pushed the button on the side of it. A wellspring of water instantly flowed from the tip of the faucet and into her receiving hands.

Jaira cupped her hands and splashed some of the water onto her face. She sighed with relief and content as the cool water met with her warm skin. As she looked up into the mirror on the wall, she saw her own image reflected as the light was refracted back towards her. She recognized her own light blue eyes and wavy brown hair with intimate familiarity as a few droplets of water caressed her pale skin as they flowed down her cheek.

Now feeling much better she reluctantly decided to return to the task at hand. As much as she didn’t want to ruin her good mood with more frustration, she would have to do it sooner or later, so she might as well get it done now. Why couldn’t Arthur be here, she asked herself. He understands this stuff much better than I do.

As if an answer her silent prayer, Jaira noticed a familiar face in the doorway as she was turning around. A boy with blond hair stood in front of her with a large bundle strapped to his back. As she stared into his deep green eyes, she wore a smile of relief on her face.

“Oh thank you for coming Arthur,” she exclaimed, barely able to suppress her own excitement. “I could really use your help right now.”

“You having a little trouble with your blaster?” Arthur asked as he gestured towards the hunk of metal on Jaira’s workbench.

“A little trouble is an understatement,” Jaira sighed.

Arthur quickly burst into laughter at her comment, and before Jaira knew it she was laughing with him.

“Let me take a look at that,” Arthur offered once their laughter died down.

Jaira spared no hesitation in stepping out of his way as he moved towards the blaster. He quickly looked into the blaster, and within a few seconds he turned back towards her.

“I know what your problem is!” Arthur exclaimed. “The power cord you have connecting the plasma chamber to the power source is to small. You’re going to need a thicker one if you want to get enough energy to the chamber for a reaction.”

“Oh thank you Arthur. You are a life saver!” Jaira cried out in gratitude, relieved that her problem was so simple and easily remedied. Without his help it would’ve certainly taken her a few more hours to discover her error. By having Arthur by her side to help her out she had dodged a bullet.

“While you switch out the power cord, I’m gonna go put on my armor, and then we can head down to the testing chamber to try out our new weapons,” Arthur explained as he removed the bundle from his back.

As Jaira finished adjusting her blaster, she fondly looked forward to the next few hours. She had always enjoyed spending time with Arthur, and today she was going to spend the whole night with him.

When her weapon was fully fixed charged and ready for testing, she took it into her hands and turned back towards Arthur.

Standing before her with a broad sword and golden armor, he looked almost like a knight in shining armor. He was also holding something else in his other hand. An object with sides that glowed green and a large opening near the end. She realized that it must be his new weapon he was going to test.

Jaira knew they were headed there to test their guns, and possibly run a combat simulator together. Though she wasn’t going to be surrounded by wildlife, she was going to be with one of her best friends in the world. This is going to be a fun night, she thought to herself with anticipation.
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MOTF Book I: BOTE Chapter 2
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