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 Why I think Vitiate may be the most powerful Sith ever

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Why I think Vitiate may be the most powerful Sith ever Empty
PostSubject: Why I think Vitiate may be the most powerful Sith ever   Why I think Vitiate may be the most powerful Sith ever EmptyWed Jun 18, 2014 9:34 pm

Finally my first post!

Well, SW Legend has a nice respect thread for Vitiate but I want to point out some of the important details of Vitiate's life that may make things more clear and less speculative when we debate his powers.

Aside from Sidious being the most powerful Sith ever quote and loosing to HoT in such a shameful way, there is a couple of things about Vitiate that makes his image(at least) look superior and more evil than any other Sith.

This isn't just about Vitiate vs Sidious but I will compare them often as Sidious has the throne that Vitiate claims.

First of all, his impressiveness had begun when he was born. Unlike any other Sith, his darkness was so clear that even his non-force user parents were able to see that there was something odd about him the moment he was born.

When Plagueis first met Palpatine, he didn't even suspect anything related to the force about Palpatine and he was a very powerful and wise sith lord. It took him 2-3 meetings with Palpatine to suspect and a couple more to finally realize that Sidious was a force potential. Vitiate's non force-sensitive father figured it out when Tenebrae was only six years old.

Vitiate was born with eyes as black as the void and even as a baby he never cried. He did not care about his family and felt no relativity to anything around him including his family. Palpatine had a normal childhood and he was kind of a young boy with daddy issues. 

With no knowledge of the force or a master to train him, he was able to break his father's neck with TK and after he tortured his mother with his force powers. This too happened when he was only 6 years old. After finally killing his mother he had enough power to torture the other villagers he was neighbor to. He killed/stomped a Sith Lord at the age of 10.

Vitiate's early life is very important to understand his true power. Most of the Vitiate haters claim that Vitiate's powers are coming from his unnatural rituals but what he did till the age of 10 is enough to prove that he was very powerful by nature.

He had no power struggles or outer powers to distract him for more than 80 years which let him study the dark side of the force with his natural wisdom and talent of sorcery.

As the famous ritual he performed in Natemha was a success, he reached immortality like no other sith(including Plagueis and Sidious).

After consuming the powers of 8000 sith and an entire planet, he multiplied(at least tripled) his power which was already A LOT. 

After this, we only know that he reconstructed the sith confederation and made it stronger than it ever was in the unknown regions of the galaxy. He became the Emperor of the Sith which is a very important detail. Not including the fake/false Emperor's in the EU, there are only 2 Sith that has gained the title Emperor. However, Sidious' title does not come from his high position in the sith hierarchy but his political reorganization of the republic. He is the Emperor of the senate and the commoners where Vitiate was of thousands of sith and his will was absolute. During his rule for 1300 years, he suppressed thousands of sith including dozens of extremely powerful Darths. Some of those darths would easily become a dark lord of their time if they were born in another era.

He made the Dread Masters obey him which is one of the most impressive feats that any jedi/sith has ever shown. He is the only sith that was almost worshipped like a god by so many force users. 

He had no masters to train him yet only 80 years of his life as a mortal man was enough to achieve one of the most impressive force rituals ever made. Imagine how much he grew in power after the ritual and he spent not 80 but 1300 years this time to study the force with an even more wisdom and power.

A great Sith Lord like Scourge was trembling when he was in the presence of the Emperor. No such feats are shown for Sidious while those who were serving the Emperor had similar feats. Darth Jadus physically wounded those around him.
Vitiate's unseen effect on KOTOR era is also immense.

The Emperor tricked the Mandalorians to attack the republic to test its strength and cause some needed trouble in the known galaxy. 

The battle on Malachor V was caused by his manipulations which created so many great characters like Darth Traya, the Exile, Darth Nihilus etc...

The assumption of Revan being weak before KOTOR era is a misconception. Pre-KOTOR Revan was the mighty champion of the republic, yet he was still dominated without a fight by Vitiate like a weakling when he faced the Emperor with his companion(Malak).

When the sith finally returned to known galaxy, they conquered half of of it. Many people compare Vitiate's empire to Sidious' empire and say that Sidious had a much bigger one. While this being true, Vitiate united the sith wandering around the galaxy and created a mighty SITH Empire where Sidious simply took over a republic that already had control of most of the galaxy. So this comparison doesn't make sense.

Palpatine was a very powerful sith and had great concentration on the concept of power and understanding of the force. Yet his focus wasn't pure with just these things as he pursued a political career and was able to remain a regular human life in Coruscant. His path to glory was much more humble and he had the benefit of taking over a plan designed 1000 years before he was born. 

Vitiate had no emotions nor interests for human matters. He was so superior to other sith that even the concerns of most powerful Sith(like Bane, Exar Kun, Malgus...) would be no interest to him. He didn't respect anyone and never called anyone master. He cared nothing for the jedi or the sith yet he was able to dominate/manipulate them both. He took only the force itself as his enemy and wanted to consume the galaxy itself and had achieved some progress with his goals. Palpatine had a similar vision of galaxy annihilation yet he never showed anything to prove that he was capable of it. Vitiate's ritual at least proved that he had a chance to consume the galaxy into his own individualism.

Also while Palpatine has many wise quotes, he speaks with a more common consciousness level where every time Vitiate opens his mouth, a godlike oratory comes out.

As for my anti-thesis; even though Vitiate was weakened when he was defeated to HoT in his own chambers, it is still a big flaw in his story and cannot be ignored. His odd unfamiliarity with a lightsaber(possibly caused by the fact that he never needed one) and terrible mistake right before falling gives the signals of his lack of combat skills even though he is a great tactician. He may be a better combatant than most jedi/sith but he would be vulnerable if he was to fights top tier warriors like Luke, Yoda or Palpatine.

My conclusion on the matter of Vitiate vs Sidious(which also answers who the most powerful Sith that ever lived is) goes like this:

The first Emperor's story depicts a more darker, evil and wiser sith lord. Their in-combat force skills don't seem to surpress the other so I see them as equals on that matter. However, Vitiate's feats unrelated to combat are more impressive and Palpatine has better saber skills for sure.

So I believe that if they lived in the same era with a lot of other sith around, Vitaite would gain more support and fascination but if we are to compare them in a combat, Vitiate's vulnerability in saber fights would make Sidious the victor.

From my own point of view, Vitiate is the most inhuman, emotionless and evil character in the entire EU. His vision of power is unlike any other ambitious character and he dominated thousands of sith for centuries. I don't think any other sith would be able to remain in power in his empire for that long.
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Why I think Vitiate may be the most powerful Sith ever
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