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 TOR Short Story

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PostSubject: TOR Short Story   TOR Short Story EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 1:19 am

It was a dark night on Ilum. The crystals that covered the frozen landscape were the only effective source of light, as the secrecy of Darth Jadus's mission could not be revealed.  "Have we found the location of the Republic Base yet, commander?"  The words were spoken in a mocking yet calculative tone, and Commander Isran knew his place.  To even backtalk a dark council member was suicide, much less one with the magnitude of Darth Jadus.  The dark side energies that flowed through the universe found Jadus to be one of its foremost conduits, his mind a twisted labyrinth of death and terror.  The very contemplation of the word power was an afterthought when faced with such a being.  As the commander opened his mouth, he staggered from the pain being caused by Jadus's dominating presence.

"Not yet, my lord.  Scans do show, however, that the base's location is near an adegan crystal base not too far from where we stand now."  At this admittance, Jadus began to project his darkness outwards, angered by the lack of competence displayed by the soldiers and infiltrators he commanded.  He knew pinpointing the exact location of the base would be difficult, but not this much so.

"Your inability to find this Republic Base is not only a crucial failure, but a detriment to your wellbeing, commander." As Jadus began to further project his power, Commander Isran keeled over and started vomitting, the energy making him physically ill.  Before Isran was made unconscious, a slight man, an operative by appearance, ran to Jadus as if carrying a significant message.

"Lord Jadus, sir," began the man, his throat dry from fear, "the Republic has found the location of our base!  They are sending an army to dispatch us as we speak!"

At first Jadus stood perfectly still, trying to grasp what he'd just been told. How did the Republic find the base? Who leaked out the coordinates?  Continuing to stand in place, Jadus began to enter a deep mental trance, one of cold rage.  As a black aura began permeating the air around him, the room began to shake.

In a discharge of power, everything was razed, consoles, imperials, even sith lords. Slamming into the walls around him, Jadus could barely hear the cracking of ribs and the shattering of bones.  Merely 3 seconds after the release of energy, he was finished venting his rage. Dead bodies lay strewn across the floor, barely recognizable as beings. 

Outside of the base, Jadus heard blaster fire and explosions rocking the very surface of the planet.  With a mere thought, Jadus's form dissipated, and he phased himself into reality at the base's entrance.  What he saw made him smile, though it was hidden under his oval-shaped mask.  A battle was taking place, the republic army outnumbering jadus's 20 to 1. With a burst of power, Jadus entered the battlefield, ready to annihilate his foes.


1 week later:

Satele Shan, the newly minted Jedi Grandmaster, sat cross-legged upon the floor of her chambers.  Meditating on the force gave her clarity when her contemporaries couldn't, and her connection to it was ever-increasing.  As she heard a knocking on the door to her sanctum, she rose to her feet and prepared for whatever news she was about to hear.  Satele began, "What news do you have for me, Knight Xerender?"

"We've just gotten word from Ilum. The reports we've heard are.....disturbing."

"Go on. I need to hear the whole truth."

"An Imperial operative leaked us information regarding the coordinates of their base of operations.  He was on the verge of gibbering madness, as if some greater power was driving his motives. When he told us the base's location, an army was immediately assembled and sent to destroy them.  Our forces outnumbered theirs twenty fold.  And still they obliterated us."

"This is disturbing indeed.  Do you have any ideas as to who or what caused such destruction?"

"Master, there is a dark power on Ilum. The greatest instrument of death to be unleashed in this war has taken manifest.  I fear that if it is not driven back, our chances of getting the adegan crystals is all but lost."

"I will go," affirmed Satele, "Inform Master Sedoru and Master Kaedan that they will also take part in this.  We will need our very best to defeat this taint."

"Our best may not be enough," thought Xerender. "How can a being possess such power? To destroy an army? Was this an act of the Emperor himself?" Xerender quickly dismissed such thoughts, and offered encouragement, "Master, your strike team will be a bright light in the dark, one that no shadow can hide from.  Farewell, and good luck."

"Thank you Xerender. We will need all the support we can get." At that declaration, Xerender left to inform Masters Sedoru and Kaedan of these developments.  Meanwhile, Satele removed the customary robes of the jedi, and equipped her light combat suit.  she began meditating again, forging herself into the perfect weapon of the light for what was to come.


4 Days Later:

While Darth Jadus stood erect, he took a brief look at the death and destruction he had wrought. Hundreds upon hundreds of republic and jedi warriors, all but dead.  They completely underestimated the extent of his powers, though not to the dark councillor's surprise.  Little did anyone know, sans his underlings, the true corruption of the force manifested in Darth Jadus. He was evil personified, the ultimate perversion of the force.  Soon after, his thoughts were interrupted by Cipher 3, his most elite operative.

"Lord Jadus, sir," began Cipher, "what are your plans now? Our base has halted rebuilding efforts, as the Republic will merely send another attack force."

"After the quake of an army, its origination is easy to locate.  I know where I must go."

"Excellent. We will send a full strike force of our most elite soldiers to accompany you."

"No, agent, I will undertake this task alone.  They too will see the strength of the Empire's foremost dark council member."

"A-as you command my lord," replied Cipher 3.  He knew that even for Jadus, this assignment would be difficult. Nevertheless, the dark lord always had a grip on his objectives, able to carry his plans out flawlessly and without error.

"I shall have full control over the republic base tomorrow. Be prepared for my signal." On that note, Jadus mounted a speeder, and disappeared into the dark Ilum night.


1 day later

Satele, Sedoru, and Kaedan had finally arrived on Ilum. The landscape was beautiful, the lustrous snow reflecting light back towards the sky. Despite its obvious relationship to Hoth, Ilum had a much more powerful feeling to it, the war between light and dark truly taking effect on the planet. As the trio took their first steps on Ilum's gleaming snow, a rippling through the force disturbed their senses. "Did you feel that," inquired Satele, "A dark power has struck at us. A device of the sith, perhaps?"

"As difficult as it is to believe," began Kaedan, "that resonance is unmistakable. It was an act of a sith lord. This being is more powerful than I'd originally thought."

"From my working knowledge of this planet's landmarks, the tremor has taken place at a Republic Base not too far north from our location," replied Warren. Warren was the greatest soldier the republic had to offer, perhaps in generations. His tactical brilliance was nonpareil among the jedi, and he was consulted over almost every major battle strategy.

"We must make haste then," declared Satele. "Republic and Jedi establishment on Ilum depends on it."

Using the blinding speed of the force, the trio was capable of running multiple kilometers in but a few seconds. They had becoming shadows, dancing in the snow-lit air of Ilum, unstoppable warriors of the light. The entity they were about to face, however, was a shadow gone rogue; a black void swallowing up all in its reach. The trio would have to be wary, lest they are terribly humbled by this daunting terror.

In less than five minutes, the jedi warriors had arrived at the Republic Base. The view was an abomination at best, nihilistic horror at worst. Republic Soldiers, Jedi, all had been destroyed in an inferno of power. Some of the bodies were unrecognizable as beings, even turned to piles of ash in the deadliest cases. Large chunks of the main headquarters were reduced to rubble, and the dark resonance was stronger than ever.

"Who could have wreaked such havoc?" wondered Satele, "to control such power?"

"Only a dark council member," started Jaric, "and even that may be stretching it. Regardless, we must be ready for whatever horrors lie inside."

As the trio strutted through the dismantled Republic base, dead soldiers and jedi continued to line the floors, as the concentration of dark side energy became even more present. As they continued, an enormous blast door blocked their pathway to the epicenter of the evil resonance. The door easily stood 3 stories high, and was roughly 30 feet wide.

"Stand back," declared Satele, "This'll require a surplus of power." As Satele's outline became a luminous conduit of the force, she strecthed her arm outward, facing the direction of the blast door. As a wave of energy formed from her hand, the metal that the walls comprised of was being ripped from their place. With a resounding boom, the obstacle gave way, and a large hole cratered the once indestructible door.

"Your powers are more realized than ever, Satele," complemented Warren.

"Good," interrupted Kaedan, "We'll need all the strength we can muster for this next confrontation." As they entered the inner sanctum, it felt as if they'd entered a void, all life completely erased, all emotions destroyed. Kaedan was the first to draw his lightsaber, followed by Satele and Warren. As they walked to the center of the large room, a booming voice filled their eardrums.

"Do you know upon who's domain you trespass?" the voice inquired.

"Reveal yourself, sith," responded Satele, "You cannot match the combined force of the jedi's finest."

"Or do I? Is that what you've decided to tell yourself prior to this conflict? To give you some sense of purpose, of victory? The arrogance." After that utterance, bolts of dark lightning were hurled at them from multiple different positions. The trio placed themselves in a circular formation, blocking the bolts in a blur of speed and motion. As the energy bursts finally relented, the manifestation of evil plaguing this planet had finally revealed itself. The Dark Lord wore a round mask, along with the armor usually worn by high ranking sith sorcerers.

"I am Darth Jadus. The most powerful member of the Dark Council. Annihilator of armies. Your purported abilities are a fraction of mine."

"Let's put such a theory to the test," replied Satele, "I am Satele Shan, Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. And with me stand the our finest warriors."

"Ah, I command such respect from my opponents. Perhaps this will truly be a worthy test of my abilities." After this statement, Kaedan charged Jadus with the full speed of the force, adopting the unique style of Juyo-Kos. As Kaedan brought his blade to bear, Jadus's form dissipated, leaving residual dark side energy. Less than a second later, a stream of lightning was fired into Kaedan's back. As he was thrown to the ground from the power, his back left charred, Warren let loose a telekinetic burst. The attack slammed into Jadus, and he was knocked 3 meters back. Meanwhile, Kaedan rose back to his feet, sprinting towards Jadus along with Satele and Warren. Jadus finally decided to draw his lightsaber and combat his opponent. Unleashing his own wave of telekinesis, Warren and Satele were swept off their feet and thrown several meters back. Kaedan, expecting the maneuver, threw up a force shield, and he was barely knocked off stride.

Kaedan, fully immersed in his emotions, had become a true weapon of the light. Appearing to wield ten lightsabers at once, he quickly put Jadus on the defensive. After multiple 3-move sequences, Kaedan saw an opening. Bearing down his lightsaber for a crippling blow, he instantly sensed that something was off. "has he not unleashed his full power yet?" Jadus's reflexes proved faster than Kaedan's, and the latter was lifted into to air with an impossibly strong grip. With a flick of his wrist, Kaedan was sent flying, blasted into the wall on the opposite side of the room. Four seconds had passed since Kaedan first engaged Jadus.

Warren hurled his lightsaber at Jadus, guiding it with the precision granted by the force. An instant before the blade met its mark, however, Jadus disappeared again into the thick air. The trio raised their lightsaber defenses, prepared for whatever would come. Or so they thought.

With a rippling of the air, Jadus unleashed a storm of force lightning over Warren's location. For all of Sedoru's skill, his power was no match for Jadus's. Enveloped by pure agony, Warren could only barely stop it from being lethal. Both Satele and Kaedan combined their powers to summon a devastating wave of power. Jadus was thrown 15 meters into the air, using a force barrier to cushion his slam into the wall. Warren collapsed, unable to even move from such a discharge of power.

Angered by the disruption of his attack, Jadus fired two violet streams of lightning from each of his hands to strike the duo. As the twin bursts connected with their blades, both went for a daring, yet effective, maneuver. They began to channel the force through their lightsabers, further being fueled by the powerful discharges of electricity. With throws more precise than any super lasers, Kaedan and Satele threw their lightsabers through the deadly streams of power. Under normal circumstances, the blades would be utterly destroyed, but channeling the force through their weapons made it a far more difficult task. As the force energy of the blades collided with the lightning at its source, an enormous explosion of power rocked the whole base, utterly blasting Jadus into the wall. As ribs and bones were heard cracking, neither Satele nor Kaedan could see through the veil of light formed by the explosion.

As their lightsabers returned to their grasp, a black mist began to overtake the light. Soon, the entire room began to funnel darkness, as their opponent revealed his true strength. This man, Darth Jadus, was an abomination of the force. Was he birthed by the dark side itself?

As the duo steeled themselves for what was to come, Jadus was moving faster than they'd thought possible, a spectre in the night. Satele sent a force wave in the general location of their adversary, but he dissipated into the air before the blast could take effect. Faster than any supercomputer could track, a lightsaber blade pierced right through Kaedan's stomach. In despairing failure, Kaedan toppled onto the ground, defeated. Jadus was too powerful, more so than the jedi cared to realize. If anyone could truly defeat him, however, the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order was anyone's best bet. Satele clipped her lightsaber onto her belt, knowing she wouldn't need such an implement for the remainder of the fight.

With a deep breath, Satele channeled her power, becoming the most potent expression of the light side. With a mental exertion deeper than her brain could possibly analyze or comprehend, a surge of pure light side energy burst throughout the entire room. Hearing a scream from Darth Jadus, the dark aura permeating the room was fully destroyed, and this was her time to strike. Chaining all of her pent up power into her hands, Satele unleashed a force blast of epic proportions, a manifestation of her awesome power. Jadus wouldn't stop it. Jadus shouldn't stop it.

Jadus couldn't stop it

Jadus was thrown through the thick wall and beyond, as if his body had warped through reality. Through the unleashing of such power, Satele was visibly beginning to tire. But that would be irrelevant, if Jadus was dead or too injured to continue fighting. She felt the darkness fade, and let a sigh of relief. And then, the darkness drew breath. Jadus. his armor battered, blood spilling, was still left standing.

"This is the power of the dark side," Affirmed Jadus. Satele had heard the words before, but they had been hollow threats until now. Jadus truly was a monster of the force, a shadow corrupted so completely that the light was been put out. With a hiss of hatred, Jadus sent forth purple tendrils from his finger tips directly at Satele. With arms outstretched, Satele began to draw in the power of the lightning, although her strength was weakening. While Jadus's was only getting stronger.

As the two paragons of their philosophies began advancing towards each other, it became an ultimate battle of light and dark. Good and evil. Death and life. Destruction and restoration. As Satele kept absorbing the torrents of electricity, Jadus kept splaying them. And then, mere feet away from each other, the final representation of their power would be decided.

And Satele faltered.

Jadus was too strong. His strength was only increasing. Satele's powers had abandoned her. With a final surge, an ultimate culmination of their struggle, Jadus's lightning, pure manifestation of hatred, sent Satele crashing into the ground, screaming from the pain being brought upon her. And then, when all hope had seem lost, her might brought low, Jadus relented. The tyrant lord showed mercy. Or did he?

"Satele Shan, I will not be the one who introduces you to the gates of death," noted Jadus. "There will come a jedi, a champion of the force. Stronger than you or I. Strong enough to defeat the Emperor himself. But that time has not come, and for that you must live. To train him, to prepare him for his destiny. Show him the path of power, and he will decide how he uses it." Satele, too weak to even hazard a response, began to fall unconscious. As her eyes began to close, Jadus dissipated into the air, and she saw republic reinforcements begin to search the wreckage.

Little would be known throughout the Republic of the sith lord who destroyed armies, and bested the Grandmaster herself. Or the Champion of the Jedi that Jadus mentioned, who would slay the Emperor and end his nihilistic plans.

Such events would be decided by the will of the force.

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TOR Short Story
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