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 Agitation Full Short Story

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Agitation Full Short Story  Empty
PostSubject: Agitation Full Short Story    Agitation Full Short Story  EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 5:42 am

A bloody and bruised agent stumbled across the fields of Balmorra. Explosions erupted around him and blaster fire streaked pat him but he hardly noticed. His ears were ringing and his vision was fading. Blood poured out of an open gash in his head and stained his face and much of his gray uniform red. In his right hand he held onto datapad. Ahead of him he could see the turrets and walls that marked the Imperial encampment. With all the strength he had left he staggered forward. He wasn't going to make it. A few meters away from the encampment he stumbled and fell to his knees. He didn't have the strength to get up. He reached out his hand desperately as if by an effort of sheer will he could reach the outpost, he had no such luck. His vision was nearly black now. His weakened body finally gave out and he fell backwards but he did not hit the bloodied war ravaged ground of Balmorra. Instead he fell into some ones arms, and a warm familiar voice said "Don't worry my love, your going to be okay." The agents last muscle movement was his lips curving up into a smile as he recognized the voice of Lady Sylvanna.

The agent woke up in the medical tent a few hours later. His head throbbed painfully and his whole body ached. Sylvanna sat next to his bed. His dried blood was crusted in her brown hair and all over her black armor. She had carried him to safety and saved his life. Saved by a Sith. He thought, most people in the galaxy would never even consider it a possibility. Yet he cared for this sith, and she cared for him. He moved his head and looked her in the eyes. Tears fell out of her blue eyes.

"John!" Sylvanna exclaimed with a relieved smile as soon she realized he was awake again. She threw her arms around him and gave him a tight hug. He smiled and hugged her back. No one ever called him "John", at least no one in the army, and certainly not any other sith. To everyone else he was "Agent Orin". "I was worried sick about you. You really got beat up." She said and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Don't worry my Lady. I wasn't about to bit the dust without seeing your beautiful face one last time." John said with a smile. Then he fell back onto the bed. Sylvanna smiled her sweet smile. A light on her right arm started blinking and the unmistakable sound of an incoming coms communication could be heard.

"I have to take this." She said with a soft smile then stepped outside the tent. John couldn't hear who she was talking to but he could hear her response. "My lord he is in no condition to sit up in bed let alone walk." She waited as the person on the other person made there reply. "Yes my lord, im sorry. I will never question you again." She apologized. John didn't hear who she was talking to but their was only one person on Belsavis that Sylvanna called "My lord." She stepped back inside the tent, her soft expression gone. Now her face was filled with frustration.

"What does he want?" John asked. Sylvanna let out a sigh and pushed a blood encrusted lock of hair our of her eye.

"He wants you to deliver a full report to him, personally." She said reluctantly. "I will help you to the command center." She said and scooped him up into her arms. She was trained sith and very strong. Where other women would struggle and fall over, she carried him almost casually. John shook his head.

"Im not going to be seen by the other soldiers being carried around." He said.

"But you don't have the strength to walk." She protested.

"Well I might need to use you as a support but I think I can make it." He said with a wink. She set him down on his feet, the were shaky and weak. He wrapped his arm around her and with her help he hobbled out of the tent towards the control center a few meters away. The door to the control center slide open and they slowly made there way to the elevator. A few seconds later they were on the second level. The elevator door swung open and they walked straight forward into their masters and commanders quarters. There were two beings standing in the room. Lord Larz, another sith wearing the identical black armor as Sylvanna wore, stood with his arms crossed, watching the agent hobble into the center of the room. Then there was a tall red sith, garbed in elegant robes, standing with his back towards them, looking out the a large window at the battle field before him.

"Let him stand on his own." The sith said. John knew Sylvanna wished to protest but she dared not. Without hesitation she released John and stepped away bowing. "Agent Orin. Give me a full report." With all the strength John could muster he stood straight and gave a salute. He cleared his throat and began.

"My lord, as was my orders I followed the hidden passage around the rebels base. I then silenced the rebel commander and acquired his data pad." John explained.

"Please continue." The sith said not taking his eyes off of the battle field outside.

"Then unfortunately I was spotted by a droid. The droid alerted the rebels to my presence thus forcing me to retreat from the way I came. During the chase an explosive went off a mere meter away. Fortunately my personal shielding absorbed most of the blast, but I was severely injured by the shrapnel created from this blast. I was able to make it into the open field where our troops were able to suppress the rebels. This enabled me to make it back to our base, with the assistance of Lady Sylvanna, and deliver the datapad detailing all that rebel bases lay out safely to you." John finally finished. He was glad to be finished, the longer he stood here the greater the chance that he collapsed to the floor completely. The quicker he could get this over with, the sooner he could get back to the medical tent.

The sith held out a long arm straight to his right. His hands were charred black. The datapad John had recovered lifted off a table gently and few into the siths hands. With his back still turned the sith looked at the datapad. "You suffered a lot of pain to recover this datapad." The sith remarked in an even tone. "Most men would not show such determination."

"Thank you sir." John said, filling with pride.

"Do not thank me," The sith said looking through all the information in the datapad. "Your determination bares bitter fruit."

"Pardon my lord?" John was seriously confused.

"You were ordered to complete this mission, covertly." The sith stated blatantly. "Yet your cover was blown."

"I..." John began to explain but he was cut off by the sith raising a black hand, signaling him to be silent.

"And when your cover was blown, instead of surrendering or accepting death, you fled into the secret passage that the rebels, before hand, were not even aware existed." The sith continued reading the datapad. "And lastly you delivered us the datapad, detailing the rebels base layouts, instead of leaving it there like you should have." The sith voice grew ominous with the last sentence.

"Im sorry, I fail to follow your logic my lord." John said truly baffled.

"When your cover was originally blown you were left with the body of there commander making it look like you were after nothing more than a simple assassination. But by making off with the datapad you told them that this was not a simple assassination, this was an intelligence recon. And with the knowledge afforded to us by this datapad we could have struck a fatal blow to this rebel insurgence. But my making it clear you were after this datapad, the rebels were able to enact a failsafe and destroy all the data on this datapad." The sith grabbed the datapad with both hands and snapped it in half. "And finally, you fled through the secret passage, making them aware of it and destroying its usefulness to us. Had you not done these things you may be captured or dead, yes, but the rebels would be unaware of all of these things and we would be able to send another agent to complete the mission that you failed." The sith finally turned around, but his face was covered by the shadows of this dark room. "Fleeing for your life at the expense of the empire proves that your true loyalty is to self preservation and not to the empire." The sith stepped forward, he was a Sith Pureblood His face was stern but plush, and his eyes were filled with malicious unadulterated power. Three extraordinarily long appendages fell from each side of his mouth onto his chest.  He wore a vibrant sleeveless robes, the color of red and blue with streaks of gold. On each of his biceps were golden bands decorated with images of krayt dragons. "The empire has no need for beings like you." He said and lifted his black hands towards John.

"Im sorry, Darth Valadus! It was not my intentions to harm the empire!" John said, suddenly begging for his life. Sylvanna was tensed up.

"Please master, don't!" She begged as well, "Let all the blame fall on my shoulders, please don't kill him!" She begged, tears crawling down her face. Darth Valadus turned his head towards her.

"You are one of the best members in my elite core, second only to Lord Larz. I will not kill this man for your sake." Darth Valadus said, both John and Sylvanna were consumed by relief.

"Thank you my lord." Sylvanna bowed undeniably happy.

"Because, this man inspires weakness in you. As a warrior for the sith it is your duty to purge weakness. I cannot purge weakness for you, it must be done by your hand. I grant you this privilege to cut weakness from your heart and to grow ever stronger." Sylvanna and Johns joy died with those words. "If you refuse, and choose to accept this weakness, then you prevent yourself from becoming stronger and in turn you deny the empire strength. Therefore I would consider you just as much a failure as I do him, and you will share his fate."

"Master, please, I am begging you!" She pleaded with all her heart. "Don't do this."

"If it is weakness you choose then so be it." Darth Valadus slowly lifted his hands in the direction of each of them. Johns heart pounded, he forgot all about his aching body and throbbing head. He looked from Darth Valadus to Sylvanna. Valadus had a cold heartless look on his face and Sylvanna was covering her face as she let out devastated tears. "Very well." Darth Valadus said. John expected to feel the hot sting of his lightning, instead he felt the hot sting of Sylvannas words.

"Stop! I will do it." She said tears still flowing from her eyes. Darth Valadus lowered his hands and stood back watching. Sylvanna slowly walked up to John, her face wet and her eyes blood shot. John shook his head and began to cry as well.

"Please, Sylvanna don't do this." She responded by pressing her lips up against his and kissing him harder than she ever kissed him before. Her eyes close, tears flowing from them more than ever before. As they kissed John felt something round and cold press up against his chin. Realising what was about to happened he wrapped his arms around her head and returned her kiss. The last thing he ever tasted was Lady Sylvannas lips, the last thing he ever saw was her beautiful face covered in rivers of tears, the last thing he ever heard was the click of her activating her lightsaber, the last thing he ever felt was the pain of a broken heart, and an instant of intense pain as Sylvannas lightsaber shot through his brain.

Darth Valadus stood respectfully before the blue holoprojected image of Darth Ravage. On the out side Valadus look calm collected and respectful, but on the inside he burned with anger. There were very few things that Valadus respected, but first and for most was power. There was no denying that Darth Ravage had great power. Yet despite his immense strength in the Force, Ravage represented everything Valadus despised. He was arrogant, rash, and foolish. Were he standing before Valadus right now, he would not hesitate to put an end to his existence.

"Darth Ravage," Darth Valadus bowed his head respectfully, "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"It is not a pleasure. Not for me, not for you." Darth Ravage said blatantly, " Lets not make this last any longer than it needs to." Valadus let out a sigh. On the rare occasions they had to suffer each others presence, Ravage rarely made an attempt to even make it tolerable for either of them.

"Very well. What is so important that I must be interrupted by the scum of the Dark Council?" Valadus replied, all for shown signs of respect now non-existent.

"You are to go to Nar Shaddaa immediately." Darth Ravage demanded paying no mind to the insult tossed his way by Valadus. "The empire had a secret droid factory established there. A republic attack force lead by several jedi has captured the factory and is repurposing it. You will take your elite core, you will take back the factory, and you will kill the jedi."

"This hardly sounds like something worthy of my time, there are plenty of other sith lords who would be up to this meaner task. So why waist my time?" Darth Valadus asked, unimpressed. 

"Because, you will meet a young sith on Nar Shaddaa. That sith is your new apprentice." Darth Ravage said with a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

"What!?" Darth Valadus's surprise was genuine.

"You will train him, you will make him strong, or else you will die." Darth Ravages lips threatened to curve upwards into a smile. "You will go to Nar Shaddaa today." Darth Ravage ordered and then immediately cut off the transmission. Darth Valadus was left standing in the now black room burning with anger. He of all people was being toyed with by the Dark Council, being ordered around like a pet. Darth Valadus was respected by most of the Dark Council even once being considered for election onto it, although he declined. Most recognized his power and few dared to give him orders. Valadus suspected that Ravage played a heavy hand in the events that were now unfolding. He was probably taking great pleasure in agitating Valadus. Darth Valadus turned and briskly walked out of the room where Lord Larz and Lady Sylvanna were waiting.

"Gather four of the best in my elite core and meet me in the hanger immediately. We are going to Nar Shaddaa." Valadus ordered them, still aggravated. Both of them bowed and as they did Valadus sensed the immense hatred radiating from Lady Sylvanna. Ever since he had force her to kill her lover in cold blood, a cloud of hatred hovered over her at all times. Perhaps if she learns to use that hatred, she may earn my respect. Valadus mussed. Untill then though, she would be like most other beings in the galaxy, a vermin underling. Completely undeserving of respect, because they did not wield respectable power in the Force. Larz and Sylvanna scurried off and Valadus began making his way towards the hanger. This apprentice would most likely be vermin too, and Ravage, the pinnacle of all vermin, was forcing a new annoyance upon him. Who ever you are apprentice. If you are vermin I will not tolerate you.


When Darth Valadus arrived on Nar Shaddaa he was greeted by an imperial officer and a Zabrak sith apprentice, he assume this was his new apprentice. The officer gave him a quick salute, the Zabrak just gave him an unimpressed look.

"Greetings my lord, my name is...." Valadus silenced the officer by raising a hand dismissively. 

"You must be my new apprentice." Valadus said to the Zabrak. The Zabrak only snorted in response. "What is your name?"

"Darth Inimicus." The Zabrak said, "And I answer to no one."

Just as suspect. Darth Ravage is going to endless lengths to annoy me. Darth Valadus thought, outwardly he did not acknowledge the remark. The best way to make Inimicus accept that he answered to him would not through a verbal argument, but by display of power, and if what Darth Ravage said was true and they were about to face jedi, that would make the perfect opportunity to do so. Instead Valadus turned to the officer.
"Where is this factory?"

"I will lead you there." The officer replied.

As the officer lead Darth Valadus through the streets of Nar Shaddaa the citizens shrank away at the sight of that many sith. Valadus looked at all of them, insects, that's all they were, nothing more. Suddenly they all branched off of the main road and into a back alley that had a downward sloop. After descending for a half an hour they finally made a turn off into a flat alley that had a dead end. At the end of the alley the officer pushed on a brick and the wall slide away revealing an elevator.

"This is just one of many ways to get to the factory." The officer explain, "When you exit the elevator you will be directly in front of the factory's main entrance. Do you wish to formulate a plan before descending?"

"No." Valadus said and pressed the down button. The door closed leaving the officer outside and all the sith began there descent. Down and down they went, for what seemed to be an eternity. As the elevator continued to crawl ever downward, Valadus reached out his senses to encompassed a large vicinity around him, searching for powerful force signatures. He sensed dozens near by, Darth Ravage had been right about there being several jedi, but there was one that shone brighter than all the others. Its gleamed in his mind as a bright beacon of power. A smile crept onto his face. Perhaps this wont be a complete waist of time after all. He thought to himself. Finally the elevator came to a stop and the door creaked open.

Darth Valadus stepped out of the elevator. Standing before them about ten meters away were a dozen armed republic soldiers all aiming there blasters in there direction. None of his elite guard tensed up, but he felt Inimicus reaching for his lightsaber. Lord Larz quickly reached out a hand and grabbed his wrist before he could grab it. Inimicus gave Larz a look of livid rage, and Larz simple shook his head.

"This is a restricted area." The one that looked like the captian said. "Return the way you came." All the republic troops looked incredibly nervous as they were facing obvious sith lords. Darth Valadus took a moment to observe the factory. It was a tall building with large reinforced steel doors. It looked like any other building on Nar Shaddaa, the empire surely had to pay a hutt to own this property.

"If you do not comply we will use lethal force." The captian called and then whispered something into a comlink, advising someone else of what was happening.

 Darth Valadus raised a black cracked hand casually in the air, and all the soldiers went smashing into the large metal door they were guarding. The back of there skulls caved in from the impact and there spines shattered. They all fell to the floor, dead corpses among puddles of blood. Valadus looked at Inimicus hoping to see an impressed look plastered across his face, instead Inimicus shot back the same angry glare he had on his face since Valadus met him. Perhaps it will take a larger display of power to reign him in.

"Now how do we get inside?" Inimicus snarled, "Are you going to break the door down with the Force?" He asked sarcastically. Valadus ignored him and summoned a keycard from one of the dead soldiers to his hand. He swiped it and the door opened instantly. Darth Valadus was semi tempted to break down the door with the Force just to put Inimicus in his place, but he knew that even that would leave his new apprentice unimpressed. As they all stepped inside the factory, alarms began to ring.

"It looks like we are going to have to fight are way to the control room." Lady Sylvanna remarked with a smirk on her face.

"Good," Inimicus said," I am craving for action,"

They all activated there lightsaber as the door behind them swung shut. Valadus and a pack of vermin trapped in a factory of insects. The only interest in Valadus's mind was the being who's power he sensed on the way down. That being, who ever they were, may be worthy of his respect. He hoped so, if not, this trip would all be a waist.

As they walked through the entrance corridor to the factory they heard the intercom to the factory screech and then a voice spoke through it.

"Attention sith scum! This is Jedi Master Ragihs. You have entered into this factory as of your own free will, but no sith will leave this place alive. If you wish to surrender drop your weapons now. If you do not you will be executed. I just activated the factory droids. You best make your choice quickly." There was a loud clang as the Jedi hung up the intercom and then a silence only marred by the hum of the 8 siths lightsabers. He must be the power I sensed. When we meet Master Ragihs I hope you will pose a challenge.

There was a clanging sound, the noise of metal hitting metal. Lots off them. Droids. In the large chamber before them two imperial heavy canon droids appeared, reprogrammed to do the republics bidding. The opened fire, shredding lines of blaster fire towards the group of sith. Valadus hardly payed it any mind, he blocked each bolt sent his way with ease, as did all of his followers. Inimicus let out a roar and leaped through the air ahead of the group, landing on top of the droid on the left, planting his lightsaber deep into its core. He leapt off of it as it whirled and died, slashing the droid to the right. It fell over dead a second later. The large room before him erupted into so much blaster fire that Inimicus couldn't hope to deflect it all. On instinct his hand flew back and grabbed on of the fallen droids with the Force and threw it in front of himself to use as a shield. Valadus and the group finally caught up with him.

"Don't run ahead!" Lady Sylvanna hissed.

The four elite guard lead by Lady Sylvanna and Lord Larz rushed into action, spilling out into the room filled with nearly a hundred droids. There blades flickering away blaster fire as they began reducing the number of droids in the factory. Valadus looked at Inimicus, who returned the gaze with the same hateful glare.

"You should have used the Force." Valadus said off hand and then stepped into the room of droids. He raised his hands towards a group of six droids closest to him. The air around him turned to static and a glorious feeling of power rushed through ever fiber of his being as he let loose a storm of purple lightning from his finger tips. The droids exploded upon impact with the lightning, there parts went flying in every direction and there remains were nothing more than burning chunks of metal. Valadus moved his hands along the room, where ever he pointed his fingers, he left nothing but destruction and heat.

"I don't need the Force!" He heard Inimicus roar over the sound of crackling energy and jumped into the room again, blade blazing, joining in on the destruction. He was like a raging bull, nothing could stop him, but Valadus sensed so much potential for the Force within him. He could be so much more.

Valadus turned his attention to his elite core, two were lying dead on the floor already, but Lord Larz and Lady Sylvanna were bringing dozens of droids down. As he watched them he noticed a droid fire at Lord Larz from 20 meters away, he waited until the bolt was half way towards him and then twisted to the side, letting the bolt blast past his face. He then held his lightsaber out towards the droid and propelled it with the force straight into the droids chest.

Slowly the group put down the large army of droids Darth Valadus didn't count but he suspected that he killed half the droids in the room. Suddenly there was a deftly silence in the room against the sound of lightsabers humming, and heavy breathing. On the other side of the room there was a door and they all marched through it, going ever deeper into the factory. Again the intercom screeched to life.

"Attention Sith scum! You have made it apparent that you have no intent to surrender. So be it." A long silence dragged on making Valadus wonder if he had something more to say, then they heard the loud clunk of him hanging up the intercom.

As they walked forward they entered the main room of the factory. Here all the droids were being put together on long assembly lines. This room was dark and had a reddish tint to it. As they walked into the room they heard the unmistakable sound of lightsabers being active and they saw dozens of jedi waiting for them to enter the room. Valadus sensed exactly thirty 2 jedi. One of them, a young brown Nautolan holding a green lightsaber spoke.

"I am Jedi Knight Kan'is Veriva. By order of Master Ragihs, who speaks on behalf of the Jedi Council, I herby condemn you to death." The Jedi said in an all important jedi voice.

"Then come on!" Inimicus shouted, "Try and kill me you putrid worms!"

Putrid worms Darth Valadus pondered over these words and found them to be exactly what he would use to describe the insignificant jedi.

"I will love to watch you die trying." Lady Sylvanna said with a complex flurry of her lightsaber.

With that the whole room erupted into violence. The great and numerous jedi swarmed the group of sith and tasted death. Seven Jedi swarmed towards Valadus who was standing alone, apart from the other sith who were clustered together in a defensive formation, working as a team to hold out against the swarms of enemies. Inimicus too was off fighting alone, of course. Valadus raised his hands towards the group of jedi and loosed lethal torrents of bright purple lightning. A few attempted to catch the lightning with there lightsabers but failed miserably. The lightning turned the group of seven jedi into nothing more than burning corpses on the ground. Valadus had swatted them away like the insects they were.

Valadus now saw that Inimicus was fighting with Kan'is. They were fighting evenly matched in a bout of lightsaber dueling, although if Inimicus would give up his stubbornness and use the Force he would utterly destroy the jedi. Alas, Inimicus's stubborn ways stood firm and the battle raged on.

Valadus walked his way through the room trying his best to ignore the insects around him. Sadly, like insects, these jedi seemed to be attracted to him. A Zabrak jedi with a blue blade charged at him from the left, Valadus flicked his fingers and he fell to the floor stiffly. Two human jedi with green blades charged from the right, Valadus lifted two fingers and sent two bolts of lightning in their direction. The lightning burnt a five centimeter hole in each of the jedis chests, straight through there hearts. Four human jedi  ran at him from the front, he swiped his arm in a chopping motion to the right and all four jedi redirected immediately, smashing into the heavy machinery in the room and fell into a pile if disfigured, dead, bodies.

Valadus noticed a jedi to his right fall over dead and then two more at his left. His elite core, now down to Lord Larz, Lady Sylvanna, and one other were standing at his sides, moving to corner the now retreating Jedi. Sadly Kan'is was among the surviving jedi. They all clustered into a group at the back end of the room.

"Now you can all die together." Inimicus's face actually broke out into a smile.

"Agreed." Darth Valadus said raising both his hands in the jedis direction. He unleashed his purple lightning into the group of pathetic insects and immediately started tearing there bodies apart. Valadus smiled as the number of living jedi plummeted like a crashing spaceship. But just before it was about to hit zero he felt himself being lifted off the ground and flung the whole way to the other side of the room. He hit the door on the opposite side with a thud, leaving a human sized dent in the metal door. On the other side of the room he saw a Quarran holding a shining yellow lightsaber protectively in front of Kan'is and the two other surviving jedi. Valadus knew that was Master Ragihs. Finally someone worthy of recognition.

"Get out of here, retreat to the main control room. I will handle the sith." Master Ragihs ordered to the jedi and they bowed thankfully and ran back through the door on the other side of the room

All of Valadus's elite guards, and Inimicus charged the jedi master but he was more skilled than the four of them combined. They boxed him in attacking him from all sides but the jedi master spun extremely fast, battling each one as he came around from the spin. The result was a thousand yellow lines surrounding the jedi master, hiding him almost completely from view and creating a tornado looking circle of yellow light. The elite guard was the first to fall being cut directly across the chest. Lord Larz and Lady Sylvanna closed together, fighting together to optimize there fighting effectiveness. With a kick out the back Master Ragihs sent Inimicus flying three meters backwards. Leaving him a few seconds to engage Lord Larz and Lady Sylvanna alone. In the end it was all the time he needed. He slashed sideways at Lord Larz but redirected the attack mid-swing, bringing it up over Larz's head and arching it down, cleaving Lord Larz completely in two. Then twisting himself around Lady Sylvanna's blade he spun around her, reversing his grip and ramming it straight through her heart from behind.

Darth Valadus was half way across the room and now Inimicus was on his feet again, about to charge Master Ragihs with his lightsaber and get cut down in under a second.

"Use the Force." Valadus yelled again, hoping this time Inimicus would listen. No such luck. Inimicus met Master Ragihs's blade twice before the Master was already stabbing his blade towards Inimicus's throat for a lethal blow. Valadus loosed bolts of lightning, forcing the Master to turn his blade to catch the lightning before he could drive it through Inimicus. Valadus didn't stop, Master Raghis had to take a few slow steps back as Valadus advanced, unleashing searing torrents of lightning at the Jedi Master. Inimicus still tried charging Ragihs with his lightsaber just to be driven back by a kick every time.

"Use the Force!" Valadus yelled, with growing frustration. "Use the Force and end this!" Inimicus didn't listen, he roared in anger and charged again, just to be met with the same result.

Master Ragihs was now through the door, still blocking Valadus's lightning with his lightsaber. He removed one hand from his lightsaber and held it open palmed behind his blade. All the incomplete droids on the assembly lines came flying at Inimicus and Valadus at once. Valadus put up a bubble of telekinesis to protect himself and Master Ragihs retreated back through the door. A second latter a thousand pounds of droid parts went flying in every direction and Valadus stepped towards the door. Inimicus busted from underneath the wreckage as well.

"I am your Master because I can teach you to be stronger." Valadus explained with anger ripping through him. "When I say use the Force, use the blasted Force!"

Valadus didn't wait for a response, he waved his hand and the door in front of them ripped of its hinges and flew off to the left with a loud bang. Darth Ravage knew this apprentice would aggravate me, he knew it and it gives him great pleasure in knowing it. Darth Valadus held out his hand and blasted the door apart on the other end of the hallway. Valadus and Inimicus stormed into the control room in a heated rage. Valadus's rage quickly transformed into surprise, for standing in the control room amongst the jedi was Lady Sylvanna.

"You are safe now Sylvanna." Master Ragihs was saying to Sylvanna, his hand on her shoulder. Darth Valadus's surprise was chased away by anger flooding back into him even stronger than it was before.

"Traitor." He said in a low condemning voice.

"I am going to rip each and every one of you limb from limb!" Inimicus shouted, surprising Valadus by voicing the very thing he had been thinking.

"How are you alive? I saw you die." Valadus hated that he had to ask, he hated being made a fool of.

"I see even the most powerful in the sith order can be fooled by an illusion." Master Ragihs said with a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

"Why?" Valadus growled towards Sylvanna

"You forced me to kill John, the person I loved, in cold blood!" Sylvanna said with tears exploding from her eyes. Kan'is put his arm around her to comfort her.

"I see that you have chosen weakness after all." Darth Valadus's voice remain low and threatening, "The punishment for weakness is death, something I can still deliver."

"I will not let you kill anyone ever again." Master Ragihs said, "All of Sylvannas plans have gone perfectly. Soon we will have put an end to a powerful sith lord, captured a factory for the republic, and returned Sylvanna back to the jedi temple where she can learn to mend the damage that you have caused her."

"So all of this was your plan Sylvanna. Cunning, but I doubt everything has gone according to plan, as you say. You jedi underestimated how powerful I truly am. If I were to guess, you weren't expecting anyone to make it past the first room with all the droids, and you surely weren't counting on having countless jedi butchered. Because you underestimated me the jedi have lost dozens, to gain one. But even that is too much of a victory to grant the republic." Darth Valadus said, and his hands became encased with crackling energy of lightning. "Its time I make things go very, unaccording to plan."

With those words said Valadus released a storm from his fingertips in the direction of the jedi master. Inimicus ran forward with his lightsaber, although this time to his credit, he did not go after Master Ragihs. Ragihs flipped through the air sideways only narrowly evading the lightning. As he landed her held out his hand and released a Force Wave at Valadus. The Force Wave smashed into Valadus with a painful thud and sent him hurling backwards several meters. Valadus used the Force to ensure he landed on his feet, then thrust out his hand and returned in kind the attack the Jedi Master had just subjected him too. Master Ragihs flew backwards and hit the wall with a thud. When he landed he planted the palm of his hand to the ground. A Force wave ripped along the floor, ripping up the metal floor tiles and launching Darth Valadus upwards. Valadus used the Force to prevent himself from flipping end over end into a wall and put his hands close together, letting velvet lightning travel between his fingers. As soon as he landed he loosed a powerful ball of Force Lightning, a rare and difficult technique. Master Ragihs held out his hands in an attempt to absorb the ball of lightning but, he had no chance, it smashed into his body with a jolting fury, sending him sliding across the floor while spasming from the lightning. Master Ragihs was up on his feet in a flash, Darth Valadus held out his hands about to release more purple lightning in his direction but was smashed against the back wall before he could release it. Master Ragihs stood there, both arms extended, eyes shut, it clearly took all of his concentration to restrict the Dark Lord. He struggled with both his body and the Force but Ragihs held him fast, at least for the time being.

Inimicus charged forward into the group of five enemies. He swept at the traitor first, hoping to put an end to her insignificance quickly, no such luck. Kan'is joined the fight as well as the three other jedi and Inimicus was disarmed within a few seconds. His lightsaber skidded across the floor and suddenly he was facing down 5 different lightsaber blades, each a different color. He put his hands up submissively, ready to step forward into the blades. He would rather die than be taken a prisoner. But in the back of his mind a thought came to him, Use the Force. It said and Inimicus looked at the five opponents before him. A smirk came to his face.

"Your all dead." Inimicus said, and lightning shot from his hands. This attack caught everyone off guard, and he began cooking all five of them alive. Inimicus felt a sudden surge of energy and glee as he watched the five people squirming on the ground as his lightning ravaged there flesh.

"Please, stop." One of them begged in the last moments of its life.

"No." Inimicus said bluntly and continued to fry them alive.

Out of no where though he was flung across the room, Master Ragihs had broken off his fight with Valadus in order to save lives. Now Valadus was free from Ragihs's grasp and Inimicus stood next to him. The jedi and the traitor were all standing up, smoke from Inimicus's power radiating from them.

"Lets finish them together." Darth Valadus said, and Inimicus nodded in agreement.

 Both Valadus and Inimicus held out there hands and released lighting into the entire room before them. Valadus's purple lightning twisted around and clashed with Inimicus's blue lightning in explosions of white light. The result was a beautiful painting of power and death. None of the five jedi lasted a second against the monstrous storm. There bodies were consumed and transformed into piles of ash by the storm. Master Ragihs, however, held his lightsaber across his chest in front of him. He yelled with the effort as he struggled against the storm. His feat slid backwards, being pushed back by the shear power being unleashed by the duo of death. His heals finally hit the wall and his back was pressed hard against it. And then he finally caved, his lightsaber flew from his hand and exploded into a million pieces when it hit a tendon of lightning. In one last scream Master Ragihs was consumed by the raging storm and turned into a pile of ash. The ash that once was Master Ragihs swirled in a pile of melted metal, plastic and glass. Everything in the room before them was melted. All of the control panels and, screens, were all now drooping, dripping shadows of there former selves. Everything organic was a clump of black ash mixed in with the searing liquid. The storm calmed and Inimicus turned toward Valadus.

"You see what can be achieved through the power of the Force." Darth Valadus stated. "I can teach you how to master your powers, if you want to learn." Inimicus felt himself falling to a knee, with his head bowed in respect and awe.

"I wish to learn." Inimicus said and paused. Then after a few moments added "Master"

"You will make a fine apprentice after all." Darth Valadus said, "Now lets get back to the ship, I want to report back to Darth Ravage as soon as possible."

Darth Valadus turned and began walking down the hall in the other direction. Inimicus stood up and glared at the destroyed room once more, taking in every detail so that he would never forget. Then he turned and followed after Valadus.


Darth Valadus stood before the blue image of Darth Ravage again.

"I hope you haven't bothered me to report that your mission was a failure." Darth Ravage said, almost as though he was hoping that was the true nature of the call.

"No, the mission was a complete sucees. "Darth Valadus reported, "The factory is ours again although it will need some repairs before it is up and running again."

"And what of the apprentice?" Darth Ravage asked. "The Dark Council will not be happy if they learned he died under your watch."

"The apprentice is alive and well." Darth Valadus responded.

"And I trust you approve of this apprentice." Darth Ravage asked, apparently trying to cling to any victory he might claim from these event.

"I couldn't have asked for a more fitting pupil." Darth Valadus took great joy in saying those words, knowing that Ravage would hate to hear them.

"Only fitting that an apprentice appointed by the Dark Council itself would befit any Master." Darth Ravage said with no sincerity what so ever.

"What is the Dark Councils interest in the Darth Inimicus anyway?" Darth Valadus asked.

"You turned down your chance to be on the Dark Council. You lost your chance to know the Dark Councils secretes." Darth Ravage said. "Now if that is all I have more important matters to attend to."

Darth Valadus bowed and Darth Ravage disappeared in front of him. Darth Ravage stood there and stroked then appendages falling from the sides of his mouth. The Dark Councils interest in this Darth Inimicus puzzled him. What ever there reason for giving Inimicus special attention, Valadus wanted to know, and he would work to find out. But in the mean time he would train him, and teach him to master the Force, to wield it like a weapon as he himself does. Valadus walked out of the communications room to where Inimicus was standing, waiting with his arms crossed.

"Your training begins now." Darth Valadus said and Inimicus bowed his head.
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