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 Theory about Kas'im

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Theory about Kas'im Empty
PostSubject: Theory about Kas'im   Theory about Kas'im EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 7:02 pm

Taken from Star Wars Forums:

Ever since Path of Destruction and Book of the Sith, there has been an overlooked contradiction--Siraak, an apprentice of Kas'im, was depicted using Vaapad in his first fight with Bane despite the technique being created by Mace 1,000 years later.  Drew Karpyshyn indicated that it should be ignored, but then in Book of the Sith it's clearly stated that Lord Kas'im also used Vaapad to the surprise of Quinlan Vos, who wonders what the connection is.  What is the answer, and how does it relate to the fall of the Rule of Two and Darth Talon?  I have found the answer.  Guitar 

Before we can speak of Kas'im, we must speak of Anoon Bondara.  Anoon was a Twi'lek Jedi Battlemaster who lived just before TPM, that was supposedly killed by Darth Maul, in a kamikaze explosion to be exact.  However, things are not always as they seem and there is no such thing as accidents according to Jinn, why would a Jedi commit suicide?  Looking closer, Bondara was a practitioner of the seventh form of lightsaber combat, and a bladesbeing who commonly sparred with duelists such as Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn despite being inferior.  What does this tell us?  Anoon Bondara may have been the third co-inventor of Vaapad along with Sora Bulq!  I Win And like Bulq, he was mastered by Vaapad and was falling to the Dark Side, so upon learning that the Rule of Two was real after the appearance of Maul, he faked his own death under the premise of suicide, fooling both the Sith and the Jedi.

He then travelled to the Sith home world of Morriband and discovered the ancient Sith academy, ravaged by time.  Within it's deepest corridors, Bondara discovered what he had came for, the holocron of his revered ancestor, Lord Kas'im, who somehow was a master of the newly invented Vaapad despite having lived 1,000 years before.  After studying under his new Sith master, Bondara discovered that the Rule of Two was flawed and that the Brotherhood was better. No2  Declaring himself the true Lord of the Sith, he used the staff of Darth Rivan to travel back in time to the late days of the Rule of Two, disintegrating the staff, and apprenticed himself to one of them, learning of Darth Bane and the fall of the Brotherhood.  Eventually becoming a Sith Master, Lord Bondara took on his own apprentice, Tenebrous, and manipulated him sabotaging his training convincing him that he alone was to be the Sith'Ari and taught him Essence Transfer to ensure he went down this path.  Again faking his own death, Bondara watched over Darth Tenebrous and as he expected he violated the Rule of Two and possessed his apprentice Plagueis.  

He then left the Rule of Two to destroy itself because of the ideas he planted in the core of their order, and used essence transfer to live through the ages.  Upon finding his younger self while in another body posing as a Jedi under the name of Sora Bulq, he had planted seeds in his younger self's mind that lead him to come up with the idea of Vaapad, and then left clues for his younger self after his fall to find Kas'im's holocron and the staff of Rivan.  He eventually found himself again being involved with the Rule of Two in an attempt to find a new host body, raising Quinlan Vos to be his next subject.  Ultimately failing and being defeated by a redeemed Quinlan, Anoon's spirit was forced to take on weaker bodies once again.  Nearly a century later, Anoon met and allied himself with Darth Krayt, another fallen CW-era Jedi that created a Sith Order exactly like the Brotherhood of Darkness.  He and one of Krayt's servants ended up falling in love and having a child named Darth Talon, who he intended to take the body of were it not for his extremist sexism. U mad? He instead ended up taking over the body of Darth Nihl after Krayt's death, and declared himself the ruler of the One Sith.

Still unsatisfied with the lack of results the One Sith provided him, he had his top scientist, Darth Maladi, recreate a replica of the staff of Rivan.  He then travelled back in time in an attempt to preserve the Brotherhood of Darkness, and was eventually known as...  Lord Kas'im.  He created his own holocron containing the intricate secrets of Vaapad so that his younger self could master the art, and then became Bane's personal teacher, and attempted to convince Darth Bane to be a force for the Brotherhood to rewrite history as he knew it, but ended up failing.  He then attempted to kill Bane on Lehon upon realizing that the timeline was completing itself, but failed, and was buried beneath the Temple of the Ancients.  Ahhhh  

This theory is heavily supported.  It explains how Kas'im and Siraak knew Vaapad, why the Rule of Two didn't work, and the origins of Darth Talon and Darth Tenebrous's Twi'lek master.   Heheh 

Now that I have made this obvious fact, where do you guys rate Lord Bondara   Swager
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Theory about Kas'im
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