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 Darth Necros Chapter 29

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PostSubject: Darth Necros Chapter 29   Darth Necros Chapter 29 EmptyThu Jul 03, 2014 12:01 am

Darth Ayin and Darth Inimicus stood facing Darth Necros and Darth Scalva.
Hated enemies now poised before each other, emotions boiling, each seething to draw the blood of the ones standing before them. The emotion flowing between the four of them was almost overwhelming, the hated was so pure.

"This time you wont escape my blade, Necros." Ayin hissed, "The Dark Council ordered me to fetch them your head, and I plan on delivering it to there feat, today."

"To long have you been a blight on my life, you an insignificance little worm and I will destroy you like the insect you are!" Inimicus snarled.

"I will enjoy killing you guys too." Necros said then flourished his blade in front of him. "But saying that wont bring me any closer to killing either of you, so come on, lets get this started." He said trying to gloat them on.

"Gladly." Inimicus said and launched forward.

"No!" Ayin hissed, "We must attack them together."

Necros held out his hand and sent hordes of powerful lightning zipping towards his body, while Scalva jumped through the air, swinging her blade at him. He raised one blade to absorb the current, and blocked Scalvas blade with the other. The lightning slowed his charge down to a crawl and Ayin jumped through the air, trying to engage before it was too late. Scalva pressed hard on his blade while Necros's lightning pressed equally as hard on his other blade. Inimicus roared and for a millisecond his strength held, but then he was overcome and his lightsabers went flying. Ayin landed in front of him just in time, blocking Necros lightning with much less difficulty while holding out her hand to captivate Scalvas hand, holding her lightsaber, in a telekinetic bubble. In reaction Scalva swung her other hand, hitting Inimicus square in his chest, deeply denting his armor and sending him flying back a few meters, hitting a wall with a thud and then falling to the ground unconscious. The armor was dented tightly around his chest, making it impossible for him to breath, he would be dead in a few minutes.

Ayin grabbed Scalva in a Force Choke and flung her at Darth Necros, who was forced to call off his lightning barrage to flip out of the way of Scalvas flying body. Ayin stood ready to do what she was trained to do, her eyes were eager, waiting to put to use the skills she had developed over the many years. She was trained to deal with any situation, to defeat any one. She could defeat anyone. Her blade work was graceful but it boar the fruit of the brutal blood shed of anyone she set her efforts to defeating. She was a terrifying sight to behold in combat, the Dark Councils best assassin.

"The fool!" She bellowed, "I don't need him to defeat you, I never needed him to defeat you. I can kill you all by myself."

She flourished her saberstaff and charged Necros, for a few seconds Necros was the sole focus of all of her skills, those were some of the toughest few seconds of his life. She brought her blade down right at his neck, he blocked, then she immediately swung left with her other blade at his face. Necros barely blocked. She spun her saberstaff over her head then brought it down with the collected momentum, smashing against Necros's blade and staggering him back a few steps. Shen then spun the saberstaff while jerking it upwards, creating a saw like attack, threatening to cut Necros in half. Necros sidestepped to the left and swung at her side, she caught the blade on one end of her lightsaber and forced it upwards, then quickly stabbed with the other end of her lightsaber while his blade was no where near to defend. He was once again forced to dodge. Every strike, every move, she executed was done perfectly, she was a true master of the lightsaber.

Then Scalva rejoined the fray and Ayins attention was divided between the two. By now she was familiar with both of there styles and knew best how to combat each. With Scalva she would dodge whenever possible, and parry when necessary, only meeting her blade full on when all else failed, knowing fully well that repeatedly facing her strength would eventually wear her out. And in between dodging Scalvas attacks she would focus her offensive on Necros, putting up a formidable, however less effective, offensive than before. The result was a stalemate, Necros was able to hold out against her less effective offensive, and Ayin was able to out maneuver the predictable beast.

If Ayin was going to defeat Necros she needed to remove Scalva from the fight. So she suddenly shifted tactics. Ducking under one of Scalvas swings, she held out her hand towards Necros and released an unexpected current of force lightning. He was exposed to the full power of the lighting for no more than a second, but in the second he stumbled backwards in searing pain. But then he got his lightsaber up to defend against the lightning, still she had bought all the time she need. Flipping backwards through the air she landed behind Scalva, putting more distance between her and Necros. Scalva swung blindly backwards, and Ayin bent her back, backwards, watching the tip of the red blade narrowly slip past her face. She then deactivated her lightsaber and fell backwards on her hands, flicking her legs up in the air and kicking the undead twi'lek backwards. Landing on her feat again she grabbed half of the door that was blasted apart by Inimicus just three minutes earlier in an impressive display of power. Putting many fine lines of pressure on the durrasteal door, she broke it into a dozen sharp stakes. She then elevated the stakes and launched them in Scalvas direction, as they pasted Ayin, she released a burst of lightning, charging them with electricity. Scalva swung her blade, knocking away three of them that were aimed at her face before being penetrated by the other nine. Due to the force at what Ayin had launched them, Scalva was flung against the wall, the tips of the stakes sticking through her body now sticking through the wall. Ayin then twisted the part of the durrasteel stakes around Scalvas body, forming  a cage around her, that penetrated her, and fried her with lightning as well. Scalva struggled but she was stuck, she wouldn't get free for a very long time.

Now Necros was advancing on her again. Now it was just her and him, she would destroy him, and then destroy all of his little pets. He held out his hand and she braced herself to block his powerful lightning but no lightning came. Instead shadowy figures arose around her, levitating off the ground and swirling around her. Each of the shadowy figures carried the face of one of the Dark Council Masters she served.

"Illusions." She spats, and they dissipated. "Pathetic. I have been trained to kill anyone, even powerful sith lords. I know how to defend against such petty assaults."

With that said she launched herself forward to finally claim her kill.

Darth Inimicus woke up in sheer pain. He gasped breathlessly, unable to get air into his lungs. Before him, Darth Ayin was fighting Darth Necros, Necros was loosing. Inimicus wrenched desperately at his armor that was clamped down around his torso, preventing him from breathing. His struggling did little more that waist precious energy. Before him Necros was in a retreat, Ayins insurmountable skill bringing him seconds away from death. The areas around the outside of his vision began to grow black as he grew ever closer to death. All his life had lead up to this moment, his training with Darth Batus, then his apprentice ship to Darth Valadus, and now he would die, a lap dog to Darth Ayin. His life shrank to little more than a spark, his eyes drooped, his head nodded, and his body went limp. All that was left of him was a tiny spark. That spark was anger. Inimicus held onto the spark, inside of his body that spark grew ever so slightly. Inimicus had been humbled so many times, Darth Batus refusing to allow him to kill Tyvan because he had more faith in his opponent than he did in him, Darth Valadus proving that he was more powerful in the droid factory on Narr Shaddaa, and Darth Ayin wounding him in front of the students on Korriban. The spark grew even brighter, into a small flame. All of them viewed him as a lesser, as someone to look down upon, no one respected him, no one truly feared him. The flame grew ever bigger. All his life he was equated to little more than a dog, and he was sick of it. He fanned the flames and they grew ever bigger. He was not inferior, he was not a dog. He was done being humbled, he was done being looked down upon. The flame grew into a raging fire. His eyes shot open and he saw Necros on his knees literally milliseconds away from death, and the fire consumed him. Before he was merely guided by anger, now he WAS anger.

Inimicus jumped up, the armor around his chest shattering in all directions. He lifted both his hands in the direction of Darth Necros and Darth Ayin, lifting both of them off the ground by there necks. Spinning them around to face him, neither expecting to see him standing alive.

"I am Darth Inimicus, the true embodiment of rage! You two are nothing to me." And with that said he clenched both his fists completely shut.

As soon as he did a sharp pain pierced directly through his heart. Wrong, one millimeter next to his heart. He fell to his knees and Darth Necros and Darth Ayin fell to the ground unharmed. He looked up, completely livid to see Nad Talsek holding a smoking blaster, he looked a bit dazed still, probably why he missed. He shook his head and regained his composure.

"Don't get up buddy, next shot wont miss its mark. I promise you that." Nad said.

Inimicus looked down at the smoking hole in his chest, the pain was indescribable, but pain and fear was drowned out by his pure unadulterated rage.

"Fine," Inimicus said looking up from his kneeling position. He stood up, calling his lightsabers to his hands, and deflecting a volley of shots, fired by Nad as an immediate response to him standing up. "You can die with the rest of them!"
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Darth Necros Chapter 29
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