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 Darth Scabrous speculation thread

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PostSubject: Darth Scabrous speculation thread    Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:05 am

here we will discuss Darth Scabrous's power and skill.
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Scabrous speculation thread    Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:07 am

First let me quote Rojo Traces fight with Shak'Weth, the sith blade master, because this fight really helps gauge Darth Scabrous's opponent. Rojo Trace.

In his peripheral vision, a shadow twitched and slithered.

Trace stopped, hand reaching for his lightsaber, and that was when the man stepped out of the arched doorway to hi left. Even before Trace glimpsed the man's face, he sensed the thin, bitter smile twisting over his lips, the threat of violence in those half-lidded eyes. The man's tunic and cloak blew out behind him, snapping whip-like in the irregular gusts of wind, and his voice, when it came across the broken landscape between them, was a low snarl.

"You landed on the wrong world, Jedi"

Trace turned and faced him directly. The man was a Sith Master; that much was readily apparent- perhaps and instructor at the academy.

"I am Shak'Weth, Blademaster here on Odacer-Faustin. I can only assume you came here seeking humiliation and an unpleasant death."

"I am here on other matters"

"Ah?" The Blademaster cocked his head slightly, looking marginally intrigued. "But you've found me instead."

Trace nodded. Actually it was only stillness that had found him, clarity of thought, and it came as a blessing. The cold, the darkness, the stinging wind- all these outside factors had simply ceased to exist. His entire world had shrunk to the exact distance between him and the man who stood before him, an obstacle in the way of finding Hestizo. Trace felt everything inside him beginning to relax and flow smoothly as the Force spread through his nerves and muscles, generating a kind of weightless balance between action and intent.He drew his own lightsaber, felt it blaze to life in his grasp, a perfect extension of himself.

The Sith Master's response was immediate. With a flash of furry, he flew at Trace, vaulting upwards in the wind and angling the blade downward with both hands, ripping through the ground where Trace had just been standing. The execution was flawless, a thing of organic brutality, as if the BladeMaster had become a force of nature, another component of the blizzard that roared around them.

Yet he was still too slow.

Leaping sideways, Trace had spun around with his own lightsaber extended in front of him in a sweeping blow. The Sith Master was there, deflecting the attack and charging him again, hammering him backward with a vicious series of piercing thrusts and jabs, offering no quarter. Twice the blade came close enough to Trace's face that he could smell the scorched stubble on his cheek; the third slash came within millimeters of taking off his head.

Trace realized that regardless of what the Blademaster had said earlier, he didn't intent to humiliate him, to toy with him or prolong the duel and longer than necessary. At this point, the Sith Master was attacking for the most primitive reason imaginable-to slaughter Trace and leave his steaming carcass in the snow. In that split second Trace saw the rest of the duel playing out in two distinct ways, neither of which would last long. Death was hovering over them like a scavenger, close and claustrophobic-he saw it reflecting in the Sith Master's eyes.

When the red blade came at him again, Trace jumped upward. He put everything he knew about Form V's Djemn So variation into that jump, leaping over Shak'Weth, spiraling through the flying snow, landing on the other side, and twisting around instantly, keeping his lightsaber at throat level with the intention of finishing the duel in a single stroke.

Shak'Weth laughed-a bone-dry chuckle- and deflected the maneuver with mocking ease. He swung at Trace, and this time the Jedi felt a hot, bright stab of pain as the lightsaber seared through his cloak and tunic, slashing into the flesh along his ribcage. Drops of blood fell into the snow, disappearing as they melted.

"Too easy, Jedi." Now that Blademaster's shoulders and back were braced against the slouching stone wall behind him., its outer surface cracked and half collapsed, he tensed to spring forward. "Now I shall finish you."

As he arched forward, Trace saw a white pair of hands shoot out from the broken wall behind him, gripping the Blademaster by his throat and jerking him backward. Shak'Weth slammed into the cracked stone hard enough to drop his lightsaber, and Trace saw a ghastly white face burst through the open hole in the wall, a screaming face, suctioning down on the Sith Master's right cheek and eye, teeth bared, gouging into his face.

Pages 135-138 Red Harvest.

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PostSubject: Re: Darth Scabrous speculation thread    Fri Jul 04, 2014 3:08 am

And this is Rojo Traces duel with Scabrous

"Get behind me." Trace told Zo. "Now." Not waiting another instant for her reaction, he sprang upward, arcing around and landing on the floor in front of Zo so that he was face-to-face with Scabrous, locked directly into the Sith Lords stare, his lightsaber pulsed to life, its beam humming. "This is over."

Scabrous's answer came in the form of a scream. The Sith sword slashed downward in his right hand while his left swung upward, gripping his own lightsaber. He flung himself forward, both blades whirring in front of him, spinning outward, flashing steel and pure blood-red energy lashing out, the long, terrible scream still stretching from his jaws.

From the first thrust, there was no art to his attack, no evidence of grace of form. It was already to late for that and both Trace and Scabrous seemed to know it. They went at each other viciously, head-on, lime animals with no air between them, slashing and blocking, edging around the open space in the floor. Every time there blades clashed together Zo felt it in the hollow of her chest and the roots of her teeth.

She watched as Trace probed the Sith Lords, weak places, or where he seemed to hope they'd be, but Scabrous seemed to anticipate each move. The Sickness had made him incredibly fast, and insurmountable strong. For each attack her brother made, one of Scabrous's two blades had an effortless reaction, as if he already held the outcome of the duel in the palm of his hand.

Yet for some reason he was still allowing Rojo to force him backward, across the temple, back towards the sacrificial alter, his movements almost ethereal behind the reckless smear of blue and red and steal blades all carving through the air.

Scabrous was poised at the front of the alter now, standing between the slab where he'd laid Zo out for her sacrifice. He stepped lithely between the braziers, even the one that Rojo had knocked over when he'd landed, maneuvering without the slightest effort past the rising bank of flames where the fire had started to spread. It was climbing the black wall, orange peaks and tongues flickering upward, rising.

Zo watched her bother press forward again, keeping the duel tight and close, but the Sith Lord made no move to back away any farther. Even as he continued to deflect blades his lips were moving. Zo couldn't make out what he was saying, and when Trace brought his lightsaber up for a final attack, she saw that Scabrous wasn't just smiling; he was actually laughing.
Trace swung down again, one final blow, the coupe de grace that was intended to finish things between them permanently. Just then Scabrous glanced up and gestured, a small, insignificant flick of his fingers in the direction of Trace's lightsaber.

There was a slight airborne tremor in the space above his arm.

And Traces lightsaber went out.

"Did you really think," Scabrous's voice was saying, "that after all that, I would trust the outcome to a duel?"

Trace didn't even bother looking at the deactivated lightsaber in his hand. He tossed it aside and pivoted backward as Scabrous's blade slashed around the open space where he'd been standing a split second earlier. The red blade clashed into the floor, shaking it at Trace's feet.

Everything had gone wrong. The Sith Lord had laid a trap, and he'd walked right into it.

Scabrous swept towards him, triumphant now. The remains of his eyes were huge and dead, bulging in there sockets. At first he looked as though he were going to scream again. But when he spoke, his voice was oddly mellifluous, almost a purr.

"Tell me a story, Jedi. Tell me about the Force and how it binds everything together. Tell me how it protects all that's good and sacred in life." The Sith Lord's lips drew back to show all his teeth. "Tell me all your lies."

Trace raised one hand, he intended to levitate the stone alter behind Scabrous into the air-he could probably flip it around and drop it on top of Scabrous fast enough that he wouldn't have time to react. But Scabrous sprung forward with his lightsaber, and when Trace moved to dodge it, he thrust himself directly onto the waiting edge of the Sith sword.

Trace looked down and saw the blade plunged through him. He felt a peculiar weightlessness pass over him, as if the gravity in the room had been suspended, as if-by lifting his feet off the floor-he might dematerialize completely.

When he looked down again all he could see was blood.

Zo was staring at her brother when Scabrous's blade sliced him apart. Trace staggered back, wobbling on his feet, and as he wheeled around toward her she saw that he's been cut wide open from neck to belly.
"No." It came out like a choke, "No."

Trace stumbled again, fighting to keep his feet. The wound in his abdomen even deeper than she'd first thought, pouring out what remained of his life. From where she stood, she could see pigtails of small intestines poking visibly from beneath his ribs. Trace's face when chalky white. Blood pattered on the floor between his feet, and he skidded on the puddle and fell, first to his knees, then to his back, where he lay motionless in front of her. He looked like a dancer from whom all music had permanently stopped.

He stretched out one hand. "Zo..."

And then nothing.

No. No. No.

"That was easy," Scabrous snarled, and turned to her. "You're next."

Pages 227-230 Red Harvest
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Scabrous speculation thread    Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:24 pm

Wow Scabrous is really impressive, from what I could piece together from his fight with Trace I'd say his form is very strength based and not all that elegant or acrobatic so in my opinion Ataru isn't really what he's using in his fight against Trace as its very acrobatic and focused not all like what he was using imo. It seems like his form is more like Juyo than either Niman or Ataru. though that's just my opinion.
Honestly he seems like a pretty powerhouse duelist, but I don't what kind of level duelist he be in league with, I'd say around Quinlan Vos level maybe? also the fact that he Shook the ground when he nearly attacked Trace is really impressive dude Agreed
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Scabrous speculation thread    

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Darth Scabrous speculation thread
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