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 Darth Necros Chapter 31

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PostSubject: Darth Necros Chapter 31    Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:41 pm

Darth Inimicus bowed before the Masters of the Dark Council. Many of them were either not present or using holoprojector, making it clear that he held little importance in many of there minds. Darth Ravage, Darth Marr, and Darth Vowrawn were the only ones here in the flesh. Four other Masters were using holoprojectors.

"The mission failed," Inimicus said after bowing then rising, "Necros was ready for us, and Darth Ayin died at his blade."

"This is unfortunate" Darth Vowrawn said.

"No, this is unacceptable!" Darth Ravage shouted, "We made it clear that if you returned having not completed the mission, the consequence would be death."  Darth Ravage rose, lightning engulfing his hands.

"Sit down Ravage." Marr said, "Killing him would be unwise."

Darth Ravage ignored him. "What ever significance you held in the past is gone, you are little more than a failure. Failure is unacceptable."

Darth Ravage released the built up lightning straight at Inimicus, who stood his ground, unflinching. The lightning consumed Inimicus, and he released a yell of anger and pain as the lightning ravaged his body.

"No," Inimicus said. "You are unacceptable!"

Inimicus raised his hands in Darth Ravages direction and the Dark Council Master's back slammed hard against the back of his chair. Darth Ravage did not intend to sit, but through the power of the Force Inimicus pushed him back down into his chair.

A sudden wave of darkness rushed through the room. The immense power was shocking to Inimicus and it silenced everyone in the room, including Darth Ravage. The door hissed open and a figure cloaked in all black entered the room, the eye of the storm that was his power.

"Master." Marr said and bowed, as did all the other Masters. The figure turned to Darth Ravage.

"Find yourself fortunate that you were incapable of harming my pet, for if you were too, I would eradicate you with but a thought."

"Emperor." Inimicus said in recognition, only one being in the galaxy wielded such power.
"Leave us." The Emperor ordered to the Dark Council, "Not you." He said pointing at Darth Marr. The Emperor turned to Inimius.

"Long have I peered at you in interest. You and your rival have been my special project for many years."

"I do not understand." Inimicus said confused. Darth Marr answered in the Emperors stead.

"You and Necros were the first of an experiment conducted by The Emperor. He found that he did not approve of several members of the Dark Council, and that electing existing sith as replacements is how many of these members came to sit at the Dark Council. So in his wisdom, he decided to raise Dark Councilors. Either you or Necros were to be the first. This is why you were named a Darth immediately after training instead of following normal procedures. This is why after you finished your training we opted for you to be further trained by Darth Valadus. After that if you showed promise we were going to train you specifically to fill one of the Spheres of Influence." Marr explained.

"How many people know of this?" Inimicus inquired.

"Only us." The Emperor answered. "Though the rest of the sniveling worms know that I find interest in you, there puny minds cannot comprehend supreme intelligence."

"What now?" Inimicus asked.

"The experiment ended in failure. Necros foolishly defies my divine rule and you are unfit to be a Dark Councilor. Though I do have another use for you." The Emperor explained. " I can read your mind like a book. Long have you been subjected to submission to a Master. Each Master commanding you around like a wild beast. This has built up an insufferable amount of rage within you. Pure, unadulterated rage. Now I release your from your leash. The only Master you serve is me, no one but I can command you. You are no one pets but mine."

"I hate being referred to as an animal." Inimicus snarled.

"Good. Then let your knew tittle ever fuel your rage. From this moment forth your are my Hound. Every lesser being in my Empire will know you as The Emperors Hound and they will quiver."

Rage surged through Inimicus, his already immense rage multiplied at his new tittle.

"I am not a Hound! I am no ones Hound!" Inimicus shouted, and released torrents of his most powerful lightning at the Emperor. The Emperor held up a hand dismissively and absorbed the lightning.

"You will find that the truth speaks to the contrary." The Emperor responded to Inimicus's lightning with his own. Inimicus was flung across the room with just a single burst. His body convulsed once then he slowly, painfully, pushed himself up into a kneeling position. "Your strength is that you fear no one. Fear me and only me, my pet."

"What would you have me do?" Inimicus said breathing heavily.

"I shall give you no orders. You are a dog let loose of its leash. Do as you please." The Emperor smiled.

"There are a growing group of sith who have begun to worship Necros as the new Emperor." Marr butted in. "Do with that information as you wish."

"Where?" Inimicus blurted out.


Inimicus rose and walked out of the room. A great hurricane of rage following at his tail.

                                                 ----     -----

Nad stood on the bridge of the Decimator in front of a picture of Chatterbox, surrounded by flowers. He had a bottle in his hand.

"You were so..." Nad took a gulp from the bottle and began to cry. "You were so annoying, but I loved ya." He took another swig. "Drink with me old friend." He poured some of the alcohol onto the floor in front of the memorial to Chatterbox. "I mean I always wanted you to shut the hell up, but not like this." He whipped tears away from his eyes with the back of his sleeve. "Say something dammit!" He fell to his knees crying, dropping the empty liquor bottle to the ground. It clanged on the floor and rolled up against the dozens of other empty bottles laying on the bridge.

Darth Necros stepped carefully across the floor, trying not to trip over an empty bottle.

"Set course for Felucia." He ordered his undead slaves. The ship began making preparations for a jump to hyperspace.

"Cant a guy have time to grieve the death of a friend?" Nad yelled at Necros, tears steaming down his face and a drunken slur in his voice.

"Don't worry I will leave you to grieve. This is something personal I have to take care of." Necros turned from the grieving Nad to the front window as the blue tunnel of hyperspace encompassed the ship. "Time to finish this, Master." He whispered under his breath.
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Necros Chapter 31    Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:14 pm

Its finally complete
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Necros Chapter 31    Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:57 am

LOL I fuckin love Nad!
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Necros Chapter 31    

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Darth Necros Chapter 31
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