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 A Message To My beloved

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A Message To My beloved Empty
PostSubject: A Message To My beloved   A Message To My beloved EmptyMon Jul 14, 2014 1:11 am

My love, my sweet. Do you still think of me when you're asleep? Do you cry and curse my name, my past, my future and my end? I do, I curse the jedi, the sith, the force and myself, for I abandoned you when you needed me, I would've sacrificed the galaxy for you and my son, I wanted to get wrinkly and cranky with you, to live and die with you by my side, to see our son grow up to become a great man, but no, You would not have it. you'd rather suffer than let the galaxy fall. a true jedi even after all this time. It makes me smile, you were always so stubborn and so heroic and even now I can still sense your courage empowering me, your love protecting me, you voice still echoing in my head. My love I miss you, I miss your touch, your embrace, your kiss and yes even your attitude. I would do anything to have you back within my arms, to touch your soft white skin. I cant help but wallow in my sorrow, My love.I cant help but let the tears stream down from my eyes and come down to my cheeks, the constant reminder that you and everyone I knew is dead, Haunts me and hurts me more than any sith lord or jedi ever could, my heart aches, it calls for you, but it knows you wont come and that makes it cry, My dear forgive me, forgive my idiocy, my ignorance, my failure. I had never intended to hurt you or anyone else. I will make it right my darling, I will make these young whelps as Jolee would say, see the what madness the dark-side can bring. I don't want anyone to go down the road we've both been through and if I must act like a mad man I shall if only to keep from hurting our little huttlet, You should see her, Bastila. Oteg speaks only praises when she comes up, our little one Is a grandmaster! who would have ever thought that the order would let a Shan become a grandmaster! He's shown me pictures, she looks a lot like you Bastila, even carries around a saber staff like you! she's considered an icon - sound familiar love? a champion of the jedi order and a great leader, I'm so proud, she's become a powerful jedi and a great person, the galaxy is in good hands with her around and its that's good for me, I'm tired of fighting, of planning, of the jedi and sith, I deserve some peace, some sleep and maybe a few drinks -hah maybe once I'm finished with these younglings i'll meet up with you and the old crew and we'll share some drinks.

The door to the chambers were revan stood holding the datapad opened.

"Statement: Master, the droids have been sabotaged as you requested and the information has been leaked about the foundry, the republic forces have been ordered to allow the strike team to land with no trouble"

"And the strike team will be consisted of?" Revan asked.

"Answer: Information obtained from animperial spy, tells us that the empire has sent the greatest of their meatbag army, just as you predicted master"

Revan let a small smile form on his lips as he turned to his greatest friend and ally. "Thank you Hk, for everything,really" The droid looked puzzled.

"Surprised Statement: Master, there is no need to thank me, I am you're droid and you my creator I exist only to serve you master. the droid tilted its head and continued. "Query: is something wrong master?" For the first time since his creation HK-47 seemed worried and almost pitied his master.

"I'm fine my friend. lets go over the plan" he slowly walked towards the droid and brought his face to meet HK's. "While I heal the damage done to my connection to the force, I want you to hold them off and regardless of whether or not I'm done healing my connection I want you back here with me. That is an order" HK nodded.

After discussing the plans for their defense of the foundry Revan finally slouched back onto his chair as his personal assassin droid left.

"How are you doing?"

"I'm" Revan brought his hand to his face and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I feel like complete crap"

"You look like it too" Meetra stretched her hand towards a piece of fruit that adorned one of the many tables in the room and called on the force to bring the piece of fruit in front of her good friend's face. "Eat" Revan grabbed the the fruit that resembled an apple and took a healthy bite of it.

"Meetra, can I ask you something" Meetra slowly turned to him and nodded. "Do you ever wonder what would've happen to us if we had never helped the republic during the war?"

"This era would probably be speaking Mando'a, you and I along with the entire order would be dead, because by then there would be no republic to support or be supported by" Meetra quickly appeared by his side and gently placed her ghostly hand on his shoulder. "Revan, I know what're feeling, I've felt that too, the regret, the anger, the sadness all of it, its hard, but you cant let it control you, asking 'what if' is not going to help you or the galaxy"

"I know!" Revan screamed, sending a small shockwave that shook the entire room. "I know" he said again this time in hushed tone.

" I know its frustrating, you of all people deserve to have some peace, to rest, but that's not the way things work!" this time the entire ship made a loud noise as she continued. "Nothing is ever easy! nothing is just going to be pieced together for you! you work for your peace, not sit around here moping like some sad little teenage girl" Meetra extended her hand and sent Revan flying onto the wall, falling with a loud thud. "You are Revan! Dark Lord Of The Sith, Jedi Master, Icon, Hero, Savior and I'll be damned if I let you sit here and do nothing!" Meetra composed her self and gently returned the ship into its original position.

"Thank you, Meetra. I needed that"

"What would you do without me?"

"I'd be a happy old hermit living on Kashyyyk" he joked. drawing a loud laugh from his best friend.

"Well you already look the part of Wookiee" she playfully stuck her tongues like she used to during their time as padawans.

The two joked and spoke enjoying each others company for what little time they had left. though Meetra Knew that no matter what would transpire here on the foundry, This was not Revan's end, but rather his new beginning, he would fall here - she had foreseen it, but he would not die. no instead, he would be Reborn.

The end
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A Message To My beloved
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