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 Why The Ones are Definitively the Most Powerful Characters in Star Wars

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Why The Ones are Definitively the Most Powerful Characters in Star Wars Empty
PostSubject: Why The Ones are Definitively the Most Powerful Characters in Star Wars   Why The Ones are Definitively the Most Powerful Characters in Star Wars EmptyMon Jul 14, 2014 5:22 pm

#1 The Ones have greater feats than anybody else.
The Ones demonstrated the ability to easily shift their corporeal form. This shows that they are far more adept at altering their bodies with the force than anyone else.

The Ones have demonstrated the ability to be capable of blocking lightsaber blades with their bare hands with almost casual disdain. This is interesting when you compare this to Satele Shan being completely deadlocked by the effort of it and Emperor Vitiate being gravely wounded by a lightsaber to the gut, and otherwise being in danger from lightsaber blades. Point being that nobody has ever been shown capable of blocking lightsaber blades with anywhere near that much ease.

The Son has demonstrated the potency of lightning to be capable of blasting massive holes in mountains. He has also demonstrated enough power with his lightning to overwhelm the Father's defenses, who was again capable of blocking a lightsaber blade with his bare hands with casual disdain. This is a greater potency of lightning than we have seen from anyone else in the entire mythos.

The Son's presence alone causes plantlife to instantly whither, die, and disintegrate, while at the same time generating lethal lightning storms. The Daughter's presence on the other hand caused plantlife to instantly return to a completely barren landscape. This shows that the presence of the Ones can cause more than the presence of anyone else.

The Ones were capable of teleportation without much difficulty, with the Son demonstrating the capability to do this numerous times, most notably when he teleported onto a moving ship to capture Ahsoka.

On that note, the Ones were also capable of concealing their power and presence from others, several times sneaking up on Anakin, Obi-wan, and Ahsoka, most notably Anakin and Obi-wan not sensing the Son on their ship only a few feat away from them when he was capturing Ahsoka.

The Daughter when mortally wounded and dying demonstrated the power to resurrect Ahsoka Tano and purge her body that had literally been infected with the Dark Side. This demonstrates restorative power beyond the likes we've seen in the mythos before.

The Son demonstrated the physical augmentation to be capable of casually blocking Anakin's blows, casually outpacing him, and casually tossing him over his head in melee combat. Given Anakin's already tremendous feats in speed, strength, and skill, the Son's ability to casually outclass him in melee combat is highly impressive.

The Ones have demonstrated great knowledge in their designing of Centerpoint Station, the most powerful superweapon in the Galaxy. They have also seen Anakin's future with great clarity, something that others have only glimpsed into with great confusion and a lack of understanding.

The Son and Daughter were capable of granting force sensitivity to an entire race (the Killiks), giving them unique powers even among force wielders, such as the ability to phase through matter, survive and propel themselves through space with the force, and extract and smelt asteroids with the force for the purpose of building Centerpoint Station. They then telepathically instructed the killiks on how to construct Centerpoint Station. Once this was achieved, the Son and Daughter stripped the power of the force from the entire Killik race. What makes this already extraordinary feat even more impressive, is the fact that they did all this from halfway across the Galaxy. A feat of this magnitude and range has never been achieved by anyone else in the entire mythos.

#2 The Ones have a far longer demonstrated lifespan than anybody else.
Let's look at it this way shall we. The Ones when first appearing in known history around 1,000,000 BBY looked roughly the same. The Father was an old man by this point. Now up for consideration is how time behaves on Mortis. Anakin, Obi-wan, and Ahsoka were on Mortis for a few days, yet they had only been gone from the outside Galaxy for "a moment." If we estimate a moment at a few minutes and roughly estimate a minute to a day time ratio for the outside Galaxy to Mortis, then this suggests that the Father has lived for a billion years after his first appearance as an old man. It took one of them who was already elderly a billion years of time to actually start dying. This suggests that the lifespan of the Ones falls in the billions of years.

Comparatively, Vitiate touts that his "life spans millennia," a description not up to par with billions of years, with the Ones demonstrated lifespan being greater than this by a factor of a million to one. Also up for consideration is that, like Vitiate, they too have several immortality accolades.

I'm merely pointing out that suggesting the Ones' inferiority to others based on the fact that the Father was dying of old age at one point is fallacious when the Ones have a demonstrated lifespan far exceeding anyone else's in the mythos by a factor of one million.

#3 The Ones have greater accolades than anybody else.
The Ones are described in TCW as "three beings more powerful with the Force than any Jedi have seen before."
There are a few misconceptions about this accolade I would love to clear up.

If you look at Legends and Canon as two separate continuities, as they should be looked at, then the Holocron continuity database falls under Legends as well. And the Holocron continuity database states TCW to be T-Canon. Given that no other quote of equal or higher standing exists to contradict this one, it stands as fact. It should be noted that just because a later source is allowed to be published by Lucas does not make it of higher or equal standing. The database was clear that when it comes to sources that aren't G-Canon, only elements originating from Lucas can be considered G-Canon. Lucas allowing the source to exist and be published is not enough to grant it this standing, and as it remains the only quotes that disagree with this quote exist in sources of lower standing with none of them originating from Lucas. Therefore, this quote is absolute and indisputable.

If for whatever reason you choose to still look at Canon and Legends as being part of the same continuity, then Canon still overwrites Legends, and the Ones' accolade I have provided certainly has higher standing than any quote in the EU that may contradict it.

At one point in Apocalypse, Luke also outright states that the Ones are on a level beyond Sidious, and remember that Luke has known and fought DE Sidious.

Then of course, there's the Father's claim that they can "manipulate the force like no other." The argument was made that the Father was merely manipulating Anakin, however given the Ones' feats and other accolades, this statement is all too accurate.

Nobody in Star Wars is omnipotent, omniscient, or everlasting, but the Ones of Mortis are as close as it gets. They are truly and definitively the most powerful characters in the Star Wars mythos.
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Why The Ones are Definitively the Most Powerful Characters in Star Wars
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