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 The Shadow Eternal

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"I hear a new apprentice you have, Emperor. Or should I call you Darth Sidious?"

Yoda, champion of the Jedi, stood defiant in the face of the shadow before him. The elder Grand Master knew that he would have to put everything on the line to defeat the Dark Lord of the Sith. Perhaps more.

"Master Yoda," spoke the shadow, "you survived."


"Your arrogance blinds you Master Yoda. Now you will experience the full power of the dark side." With a flashing display of power, blue tendrils of electricity arced from the Emperor's fingertips towards the green freak.  Unable to truly muster a sufficient defense, the Grand Master was shot back into the wall, unconscious from the power unleashed.

Sidious began walking towards Yoda with slow, purposeful steps. The dark lord let an evil cackle escape his corrupted self.  Little did he know that the battle had only just begun.  "I have waited a long time for this, my little, green, friend," declared Sidious, as he let loose another burst of glee. At that utterance, Yoda rose to his feet, facing the shadow with all his determination. "At last, the Jedi are no more."

"Not if anything to say about it, I have," asserted the green freak.  With a blast of telekinetic energy, Yoda sent Sidious head over heels back over the chair he once sat aloft in. "At an end your rule is. And not short enough it was."  Sidious knew that it was unnecessary to force a confrontation with the paragon of the light, nor did he know if he could truly win. Jumping towards the exit, Yoda intercepted him, barring his way.

"If so powerful you are....why leave?"  Yoda drew his lightsaber, ready to do battle with the shadow of the sith.

"You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us." Similarly, the dark lord activated his blade, as crimson as the blood in his veins.

"Faith in your new apprentice, misplaced may be. As is your faith in the dark side of the force."

Yoda, with all the acrobatics of Ataru, leapt towards the heart of the shadow with blinding speed. Striking two blows at the Emperor, both were parried with stunning effectiveness. The green freak jumped on the senate pod in the middle of the room, then rebounded towards Sidious. Meeting the sith lord in a bladelock, the Emperor laughed, then broke the lock in an attempt to catch Yoda off guard. The Master effortlessly parried the blow.

The green freak began to lose himself in thought.  Powerful, Sidious is. As powerful as myself, perhaps.  I mustn't lose focus. Defeated, the Dark Lord must be. At all costs.  Attacking faster than ever before, Yoda began engaging in a wild flurry, seemingly mimicking a blend of Juyo and Ataru. Confounded by the increased aggressiveness of Yoda's assault, Sidious retreated to the escape pod, and the green freak followed. The pod began to ascend, elevating towards the center of the Senate Chamber. Exchanging blows faster than one could perceive, Yoda began to overwhelm the Shadow's staunch defense. 

Is he getting even faster? thought Sidious.  His speed was becoming so profound, it seemed as if time and space was being warped. Or had the Grand Master become reality itself, willing himself to whatever unparalleled speed he wished? A growing power was rising in Yoda, and Sidious could tell. As their duel continued, The Dark Lord noticed something. Yoda's irises were turning the faintest bit yellow, and his skin was darkening. The change gave the dark lord further pause.  His power, it has grown. He is willing to give up anything to stop me. Yoda is slowly giving in to the dark side, and his raw power has grown in concert. Ironic, how he is turning into what he has sworn to destroy.

As Yoda unleashed a barrage of attacks even faster than before, Sidious abandoned the pointless duel, losing his lightsaber to gain the high ground. Yoda, his irises turning fully yellow, his skin turning a shade of grey, followed. Sidious was desperate. And all the light in the galaxy wouldn't stop the green freak from savoring it. The shadow fired three senate pods at Yoda, cackling furiously.  The Grand Master, far stronger than ever before, met the pods head on.  With a blast of dark yet undeniably potent might, the pods were instantly disintegrated, as if an atomic force field passed through them. The green freak had become too powerful, and the shadow grew fearful.

Reaching the shadow's senate pod, the dark lord loosed a stream of translucent energy, leaving the master disarmed. Catching  the bolts with his bare hands, the green freak began advancing towards Sidious.  With a determined focus the shadow had never seen, Yoda began to send the energy towards its source. As much power Sidious poured into his attack, the Fallen Master was simply stronger.  Utterly overpowering the dark lord, a brilliant explosion of energy sent the Emperor flying into one of the senate pods, breaking bones. Before the defeated shadow was able to fall, however, Yoda held him in a grip, slamming him into the senate pod occupied by the latter.

Yoda had been consumed by darkness, stopping at nothing to defeat Sidious. There was no way he could go back to the light. As the shadow once did, the green freak let out a smile, and purple bolts of lightning encased the Emperor with indescribable agony.  Leaving Palpatine on the brink of death, Yoda began to outright cackle, starting to crush Sidious's ribs with his newfound power. No, not newfound, thought Yoda. Unleashed.  As the shadow fully crumbled, he began gasping for air, but he received none. As a maelstrom of electricity engulfed the Emperor, he was destroyed, reduced to a pile of ash.

In destroying Sidious, the grey freak had become the living embodiment of the dark side. The conduit of evil itself. Sidious's death created a tremor in the force, and Yoda benefited from its vast power. The darkness swelled in Yoda, As the torch of the sith was passed on to him.

"The new Galactic Emperor, I have become. Under my rule, this galaxy shall be." In Yoda's state of unprecedented power, there would be no being who could surpass him.  Had the rule of two ended?

Anakin! Thought Yoda. The Dark Lord would have to act swiftly, lest his apprentice be prematurely ended by his former friend, Obi Wan Kenobi.
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The Shadow Eternal
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