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 The Shadow Eterrnal: Part 2

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The Shadow Eterrnal: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Shadow Eterrnal: Part 2   The Shadow Eterrnal: Part 2 EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 1:03 pm

Yoda stood in the center pod of the senate chamber, reveling in the power he had acquired. His body seemed as if it were about to burst, the raw energy coursing through his veins like no jedi or sith before him.  He knew, however, that he would have to study and practice the deepest secrets of the dark side to become a true sith master.  As he stood silently, He noticed Mas Amedda descending on one of the pods, befuddled at the sight.

"Master Yoda," the chagrian gasped, "What has happened?"

"Your new master, I am," replied Yoda, in a quiet, calm voice.

"Wh-what would you have me do?"

"A shuttle, I need. Assistance, Lord Vader requires."

"As you command. What of Emperor Palpatine?"

"Dead, he is. His superior, I have shown myself to be."


"It's over Anakin," yelled Obi Wan, "I have the high ground."  With cold rage, Anakin stared up at Kenobi, the heat of the dark side invigorating him, feeding his massive pool of power.  Anakin's inner tactician told him he had lost, Kenobi did have the high ground. If he attempted to strike, he would be at a major disadvantage.  On the other hand.....

"You underestimate my power." The dark rage completely consumed Anakin, his hatred, an extension of his malevolent will.  In his blind arrogance, he gave in to the notion that he was invincible, an indomitable Sith Lord unbeatable by one as feeble as his old master.  Anakin's irises pure yellow, Kenobi could only mourn how catastrophically he failed his apprentice.

"Don't try it." It was a simple warning on behalf of Kenobi, but the consequences were far graver. Anakin didn't care. He simply wanted to hear Kenobi's dying screams, his jedi teachings brought low.  As he was about to make the ultimate leap of faith, his final test of strength, there was a tremor in the force. The dark side made manifest had made entry onto Mustafar.

"Darth Sidious," said Obi Wan, as fearful as he had ever been. As a Republic shuttle landed on the ashen mound not far from Kenobi, both looked in awe as Grand Master Yoda walked from it. Obi Wan was almost relieved, but he knew something was different. The dark side was so strong in Yoda Kenobi thought he might vomit.  "Master Yoda," started Kenobi, "why?"

"Necessary, it was," replied Yoda. "Unleash my true power, I have. Dead, Sidious is."

"And you have risen in his place."

"Strong, the dark side of the force is. Stronger than the light."

"Remember who you once were, Master Yoda! The champion of the light! The teacher of the jedi! The warrior of the republic!"

"No longer, my old friend. No longer. True power, I will now show you."  The Fallen Emperor lifted Kenobi to the air, thrusting him back to the ground with intense power.  Obi Wan raised his blade to defend himself, though Yoda would not utilize such a crude implement.  Despite all his defensive prowess, a burst of lightning blasted Kenobi's lightsaber out of his grasp. another casual burst sent Kenobi into a state of unconsciousness.

"Skywalker. Finish it, you must. Darth Vader, you will truly become." Anakin jumped onto the ashen ground, where kenobi lay, helpless.  Drawing his blade, he looked towards Master Yoda, a smile on his face.

"I shall do thy bidding, my master." Lifting Kenobi into the air, Anakin plunged his lightsaber into his former master's chest, proceeding to throw his corpse into the endless ocean that is Mustafar. Bowing to his new Master, Yoda analyzed him, a stern look on his face.

"Lord Vader," began Yoda, "The most powerful force user I have ever seen, you are. To measure up to your potential, follow my teachings, you must. Completely and utterly give in to the dark side."

"Yes, Master." As the duo boarded the shuttle, the residual effects of their presence would forever scar Mustafar with the dark side.
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The Shadow Eterrnal: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Shadow Eterrnal: Part 2   The Shadow Eterrnal: Part 2 EmptyFri Jul 18, 2014 10:56 pm

This is really cool
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The Shadow Eterrnal: Part 2
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