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 Crosseover battle: Darth Malgus vs Shao Khan

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Crosseover battle: Darth Malgus vs Shao Khan Empty
PostSubject: Crosseover battle: Darth Malgus vs Shao Khan   Crosseover battle: Darth Malgus vs Shao Khan EmptyWed Jul 23, 2014 2:03 am

Darth Malgus


Shao Kahn
Crosseover battle: Darth Malgus vs Shao Khan Shao_KahnCrosseover battle: Darth Malgus vs Shao Khan 2159515-darth_malgus_armor


Baraka stood over the multiple pieces that once were Styker and released a salivating roar in victory. Suddenly a swirling green mass appeared above the arena and through dropped a figure wearing bulky black armor that was covered in a black cloak. As he slowly raised his head he revealed a black respirator with red and white lights covering his mouth and nose, and above that, sickening yellow eyes. Infuriated by the intrusion on his victory Baraka grinded the blades coming from the top of his arms together and lunged at the cloaked intruder. Before his blades could sink into the flesh beneath the cloak, a red blade buzzed to life, slashing off both of Barakas hands. The cloaked figure then swung the blade straight up, cleaving Baraka in half. Reptile flicked his tongue and prepared to engage the figure when Shao Kahn slammed his fist down on his throne.

"No! This ones mine." Shao Kahn rose from his throne and summoned his hammer to his hand then pointed it at the intruder. "Tell me your name before I cave in your skull."

"I am Darth Malgus. I will kill you all." Darth Malgus lowered his hood showing off his bald veiny pail head and contorted angry face. Shao Kahn laughed.

"You shall die."

Darth Malgus took two running steps then jumped through the air, his lightsaber held in both hands and aimed at Shao Kahns head. Shao Kahn jumped from his throne into the already bloodied sands of the arena, Malgus's lightsaber sunk deep into his thrones seat. He spun around angrily while Shao Kahn threw his hammer, Malgus tried to stop it with the Force but only succeeding in slowing it down. The hammer smashed into his gut sending him flying backwards. Malgus enveloped himself in a Force shield to protect him as he was sent smashing through the back of Shao Kahns throne. As he rolled to a stop a green spear was already heading his way. Malgus launched himself up to his feet, activating his lightsaber once more, and charged at Kahn even as two more spears were flung his way. He ducked under the first and then twisted out of the way of the second. He swung his both hands in a diagonal slashing motion, sizzling a deep gash into Shao Kahns chest. He brought his lightsaber perfectly horizontal and stabbed at Shao Khans heart. Shao Kahn summoned his hammer and smacked his red blade so hard that it tore the lightsaber from Malgus's grip. It landed in the sand and deactivated. Shao Khan put his hands on his hips and laughed.

"You weak, pathetic fool."

Malgus drove his fist into Shao Kahns stomach, making him double over. Shao Kahn clasped both hands together over his head and slammed them down into the back of Malgus's skull. Malgus was forced onto a knee but immediately responded by driving himself upward with the Force and smashing his fist into the underside of Shao Kahns jaw. Shao Kahns jaw cracked and teeth came loose. Then Malgus pressed both hands to Shao Kahns chest and blasted him with the Force. Shao Kahns ribs cracked, and caved inwards. Shao Kahn was sent flying several meters backwards, landing on the sand facing down. Malgus grasped Shao Kahn around the neck with the Force and lifted him into the air. He then clenched his fist. Shao Kahns throat collapsed and vertebra shattered. Malgus summoned his lightsaber to his hand again and charged at Shao Kahn while simultaneously throwing his lightsaber. Shao Kahn raised a fore arm and a green shield deflected it away. Malgus recalled the blade and swung down in an overhead strike. Shao Kahn summoned his hammer and blocked the strike. He then surrounded himself in a green shield and flung his shoulder upwards, Malgus stumbled back. Shao Kahn repeated this attack again, landing another hit. When he attempted it the third time Malgus spun out of the way, slashing a gash in Shao Kahns side as he did. Shao Kahn turned around and brought his hammer upwards at Malgus's face. Malgus evaded again and slashed at Shao Kahns face, cutting half the bone mask off of his face. Infuriated Shao Kahn grabbed Malgus  by the dome of his head and squeezed with a massive hand. Malgus's skull cracked with a crunch. He then drove his fist into Malgus's chest. Malgus's ribs cracked inward. Shao Kahn then head butted Malgus. Malgus's skull cracked even more inside his head. Finding new power in his utter pain and rage Malgus let loose a scream. The scream swept Shao Kahn off his feet and sent him smashing into the arena wall. When Shao Kahn fell to his feet again he threw a spear at Malgus. The spear dissipated as it hit a solid Telekinetic bubble. Suddenly Reptile, Milena, Kitana, the dead pieces of Stryker and Baraka and the blasted apart pieces of the thrown began swirling around Malgus. Shao Kahn charged forward, hammer raised over head but he was stopped when he entered the swirling mass. Then lightning encompassed all of it and with a shout of rage Malgus launched it all outwards, Shao Kahn included. Shao Kahn landed in the arena and slowly got to his feet. 

"Feel the wrath of Shao Kahn."

He threw a green spear, this time it struck Malgus straight through the shoulder and disappeared. Malgus was about to stand up when another blade hit him in his other shoulder then dissipated. Malgus slowly got to his feet but when he looked up Shao Kahn eyes were glowing red. Lasers shot from his eyes and struck Darth Malgus in the chest. Darth Malgus's armor exploded around the impact and Malgus fell to his knees. Shao Kahn walked and stood over Darth Malgus.


Grabbing Darth Malgus by both his armored biceps and pulled in either direction. Tendons snapped and the arms tour free of Malgus's body. A screaming Darth Malgus lay in the sand. Shao Kahn tossed the arms aside and put his foot on Darth Malgus's head and pressed downward. With a crunch Malgus's head flattened and blood squirted every where. A bloodied bruised and beaten Shao Kahn slung his hammer over his shoulder and laughed as a slave girl slowly crawled up to his feet and rested her head against his calf.


Crosseover battle: Darth Malgus vs Shao Khan MK_SK_Slaves

Winner: Shao Kahn
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Crosseover battle: Darth Malgus vs Shao Khan
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