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 Revan vs Malak SCRIPT

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Lord of the Flies

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Revan vs Malak SCRIPT Empty
PostSubject: Revan vs Malak SCRIPT   Revan vs Malak SCRIPT EmptyFri Jul 25, 2014 12:49 am

REVAN clashes with MALAK, their blows send echoes in the Force.

MALAK proves to be the stronger and more fierce, while REVAN the quicker and more sly.  MALAK’s initial advantage quickly wanes against his more efficient adversary.

REVAN slashes away the corner of MALAK’s jaw piece.  MALAK furiously slashes at REVAN. REVAN evades and ducks low, sending MALAK to the ground with a sweeping kick to the legs.

REVAN prepares to deal the final blow.  MALAK draws heavily on the infinite dark side energies of the STAR FORGE and sends REVAN packing with the FORCE.

REVAN recovers as MALAK tears away the FORCE from a CAPTIVE JEDI. They engage again. REVAN notices that MALAK’s blows are heavier, and his strikes are as lightning quick as his own.  REVAN begins to waver.

MALAK delivers a crushing punch to REVAN’s jaw, and follows up by driving his hilt into REVAN’s skull.  REVAN is protected by his DURASTEEL MASK, but is left dazed by the assault.

REVAN, realizing he cannot out power MALAK by direct confrontation, decides to capitalize on MALAK’s increasing sloppiness.  REVAN parries MALAK’s next blow, and delivers a spinning kick to MALAK’s side.  MALAK’s ribs crack audibly.

MALAK cries out as he grabs REVAN’s leg, and hurls him several meters into the wall behind.  REVAN draws heavily on the FORCE to heal the damages dealt, but here on the STAR FORGE, the power of the LIGHT SIDE is sickly and weak.

MALAK feeds and capitalizes on his pain.  He reaches out to the second CAPTIVE JEDI, siphoning his essence and channeling it as DARK SIDE power.

REVAN feels MALAK’s power in the FORCE growing.  He feels his own power fading rapidly, and knows he will not survive another direct engagement.  MALAK charges recklessly at REVAN.

REVAN dodges as MALAK’s blade slashes deeply into the wall in an increasingly savage assault.  MALAK blasts REVAN with a surge of FORCE LIGHTNING before he can recover.  REVAN catches the bolts with his LIGHTSABER, but the force of the impact brings him to one knee.

MALAK continues the stream.  REVAN focuses his mind and pushes through the lightning, lashing out at MALAK with a powerful FORCE PUSH.  MALAK’s defenses have grown powerful to unimaginable heights, and he is only pushed back a step.

MALAK snarls and lashes out with both hands, summoning a storm of FORCE LIGHTNING to destroy REVAN.  REVAN’s LIGHTSABER is blown away, but REVAN opens up to the FORCE and takes in the bolts.

MALAK once again draws on the infinite power of the STAR FORGE to blow away his adversary with a powerful shove.  But REVAN counters in turn, channeling the power he absorbed from his opponent’s FORCE LIGHTNING to fuel his power.  DARK and LIGHT collide in a flash of clairvoyance, as the very FORCE BONDS that once connected REVAN and MALAK resonate.  Countless memories of their friendship and rivalry alike flood before their eyes in an instant, and both parties are shot backward.

MALAK is startled by this development and slams against the back wall.  REVAN rolls with the impact and is on his feet in an instant, using SABER THROW to destroy the CAPTIVE JEDI before MALAK can devour them.

Four CAPTIVE JEDI are destroyed.  MALAK seizes REVAN’s lightsaber with the FORCE and throws it away.  REVAN desperately attacks MALAK barehanded.  MALAK grabs REVAN’s arm and delivers a crushing kick to the stomach.  REVAN doubles over.

REVAN uses the FORCE to dull his pain, and retrieves his LIGHTSABER.  But the darkness of the STAR FORGE saps his strength and he falls to his knees.   MALAK is confident in his victory, and prepares to FORCE DRAIN one of the two remaining CAPTIVE JEDI.

In a desperate attempt to stop MALAK, REVAN imagines a protective cocoon of the LIGHT SIDE enveloping the CAPTIVE JEDI.  MALAK attempts to feed as he had before, but the DARK SIDE is completely blocked out by a WALL OF LIGHT.  The attempt exhausts MALAK, eating away at his strength.  MALAK falls to his knees, panting angrily.

Both REVAN and MALAK stand and face one another.  REVAN with new resolve encases himself in the same light he used to protect the CAPTIVE JEDI from MALAK, warding away the evil power of the STAR FORGE.  REVAN feels his strength returning.

The CHAMPION OF THE LIGHT and the DARK LORD OF THE SITH clash in a monumental duel of the fates.  But this time, REVAN presses the decisive advantage.  MALAK quickly becomes frustrated and oversteps, and REVAN cuts off his arm.  MALAK screams in pain, and tries to draw on the endless dark power of the STAR FORGE once more, only to find the thick darkness washed away in a river of light.  He desperately lashes out at REVAN one final time, calling upon the DARK SIDE to summon FORCE LIGHTNING, but his power is gone, and he falls to the ground in submission, beaten.
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Lord of the Flies

Posts : 122
Join date : 2014-06-03

Revan vs Malak SCRIPT Empty
PostSubject: Re: Revan vs Malak SCRIPT   Revan vs Malak SCRIPT EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 1:25 am

An echo in the Force rippled through the galaxy, a faint and wandering voice treking the the stars. From the shadowy dunes of Korriban to the serene landscapes of Dantooine, all who could touch the Force felt it. The moment when deep within the corridors of the Star Forge, the blades of the Champion of the Light and the Dark Lord of the Sith clashed first.

Revan was caught off guard by how formidable Darth Malak had become-adopting a one handed and exceedingly aggressive style, his every blow was impossibly strong, and his unrelenting flurry of attacks were unorthodox and undeniably effecitve. Every time Revan tried to anticipate the direction of his adversary's attacks, the flow of Malak's lightsaber sequences reversed polarity and he was faced with new and unfamiliar angles. The chamber's walls flashing red and blue, blades flickering impossibly fast, Revan found himself losing ground-parrying desperately to hold off Malak's onslaught. Expanding his mind with the Force, the Jedi Knight searched for hints to his foe's next move, only to find his senses clouded by the lingering Dark Side energies within the halls of the space station--the evil taint left by the atrocities commited within the Rakatan's most vile creation.

Breaking off from the combat, Revan began to channel the force inwardly-calming and focusing himself, strengthening his resolve. Malak, knowing the dangers allowing his opponent to recover, followed in suit-charging forth to pummel his rival with another barrage of blows. This time, however, Revan was ready. Reversing his girp on his lightsaber, he met Malak's charge conservitavely and with quick parries and dodges, the patterns in his enemy's techinque becoming more and more defined in the second bout. The duo was engaged in an intricate dance of red and blue fire in the gloomy collesium: A one time only showing for an audience of corpses- Malak proving to be the stronger and more fierce, whilst Revan the faster and more controlled, and both engaged in an unprecedented intensity. Dueling for what seemed to be an eternity, each moment passing with the likeness of a decade, it was the dark man who was rapidly waning.

Malak's aggressive and demanding fighting philosophy was taking it's toll-he was exhausted, and his initial advantage had burned out completely.

To be continued (Only on the second line of the Script)
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Revan vs Malak SCRIPT
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