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 Speculation on why Meetra Surik is more powerful than Mando Revan

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Speculation on why Meetra Surik is more powerful than Mando Revan Empty
PostSubject: Speculation on why Meetra Surik is more powerful than Mando Revan   Speculation on why Meetra Surik is more powerful than Mando Revan EmptyTue Aug 26, 2014 8:43 pm

(Note before we continue this thread is speculation on why Meetra is more powerful than Darth/Mando Revan, this is in no way saying she is superior to ANY of Revan's incarnations)

With that out of the way, let delve into this shitstorm and begin.

So why is Meetra more powerfu/equal than Revan as a wound? Well let's examine her learning capacity. Various masters and Kreia are surprised with the speed of which Meetra is capable of learning things. 

"You are strong indeed... what you heard were surface thoughts only, but it is something that masters have trained for for years and never learned."
- Kreia

"Perhaps exile has been good to you indeed - it has certainly not dulled your instincts, nor the speed at which you learn."
- Zez-Kai El

"Excellent! I'm impressed with how quickly you've mastered this form. I always knew you were gifted."
- Kavar

"Hmmm... I don't know how you learnt that so quickly. Still, your form is sloppy. Keep practicing to tighten it up, and you'll be fine."

Kavar states that Meetra "Mastered" the form just when he observed him using it.

The fact that She can apparently "Master" any form simply by observing her opponent, give her an edge over Revan - at least Mando Revan, not because she could use this in combat, but because her capacity to master a form or technique just by observing is impressive. to my knowledge Revan has a high learning capacity but it is stated that.

"You have done in weeks, what many seek to do in years"

the quote is probably wrong, but it goes something like that. Now that's not to say it's impressive it is, and KoTOR revan is > Wound Meetra. however their learning and mastery capacity is very different as explained above.

Force power wise, Revan does have some Bamf feats, killing Rancors and Rakata with Force lightning is impressive, knowing all those rituals embedded in his holocron also impressive. But, Meetra at this point has learned many powers.

Force Battle Meditation
Force Beast Control
Force Breath Control
Force Valor
Force Resistance
Force Enlightenment etc etc. 

Argue what you want about Force enlightenment being a game mechanic, but she does learn this on Dantooine. and while combative wise they aren't as great as Revan's more destructive powers, they are excellent for a defensive combatant. also keep in mind that in a span of a few minutes the exile learned and used force breath control.

The council themselves say that she grows stronger with every kill and even fear that she might come to be the death of the force. granted this is attributed to wounds, but it is something to note.

How does this make her > Revan well first of it doesn't, it makes her = To Mando Revan. Dueling wise he defeated Yusanis, Malak and Mandalore. all are highly, impressive with Yusanis and Mandalore being the greatest of their people. and Malak being no pushover.

However at this point. Meetra has bested 5 handmaidens while in combat and the best of the mandalorians while restricted from using the force, defeated Sion many times (on a nexus)and finally convinced him to let go with Dun Moch, brought down Nihilus who was a powerful user of TK(you admit this Ant I Win), though his loss was circumstantial. She defeated Traya who was more powerful than her and was a "Master of lightsaber combat" she bested Atris a user of Juyo and someone who delved in the knowledge of sith holocrons. not to mention the counless people she's killed. that made her "Strongah and moar powahful"

Now, again if you had read my second post on KMC, you would know that i said i don't consider Meetra to be above KoTOR/reborn Revan. I was only saying Meetra in my eyes is around the level of Mando Revan. she's not his superior just more or less his equal imo
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Speculation on why Meetra Surik is more powerful than Mando Revan
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