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 Darth Necros Chapter 32 (incomplete bro)

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PostSubject: Darth Necros Chapter 32 (incomplete bro)   Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:43 pm

Necros stepped onto the forest world of Felucia. His boot sank into mud. Around him he could here the cries of Felucia's native wildlife. He never was one to pay much mind to the simple things in life, but he had to admit, looking over the horizon, this planet was beautiful.

Suddenly a great weight pressed down on him. He recognized it as Darth Ferox's spirit. The weight pressed down but this time Necros stood firm. He had grown much stronger in the Force since their last encounter.

"Necros." The deep booming voice of Darth Ferox called from the right, branches and leaves ruffled with the power of his voice. :Follow me, Necros."

Necros followed through the lush forest, being lead by the invisible voice of Darth Ferox. After a few minutes the voice said to stop. A native felucian emerged from the forest, it's face looked like it was in a trance. Standing at the felucians side was a tamed nexu.

Suddenly the felucian started shaking wildly and a black smoke consumed its entire body. When the dark smoke dissipated, what was left we a Pa'un. Its eyes yellow with hate. Its left arm no longer shifting.

"I have waited a long time for this, apprentice." Darth Ferox said. "After you destroyed my library you nearly destroyed my. I clung onto existence by forging my soul with your own. I bid my time, gaining strength, and now on this planet so strong In the Force, I reclaim my place amongst the land of the living. You are no longer needed to carry on my teachings."

"You are foolish to seek to destroy me, Master." Necros responded, low and threatening.

"Am I? For the longest time I have been one with you. I felt your every single thought, and the gravity of your ambition is nothing more than to destroy your rival! You long for it, you hate him with an undying passion. But beyond that you have no ambition, beyond that you are unworthy!"

"You are wrong, Master. I seek to diverge into the unlimited power that is the dark side. I will command it all. Anything less is insufficient."

"A worthy goal. But none as worthy as mine. I have proven my indominance time and time again. First I mastered the art of ending life, then I mastered the art of morphing it. Then as life was taken from me I clung to the dark side with every fiber of my being and now I have returned from death to reap havoc on all that is living! I am supremacy incarnate. compare to me, who are you?" Darth Ferox's eyes were filled with a maddening glee and vengeful hate.

Darth Necros slowly raised his head, glancing from under his hood with evil yellow eyes. "I am Darth Necros, slayer of the living, master of the dead."

Darth Ferox began to chuckle, a low rumble. "I am dead that lives again."

Darth Necros's face split into a grin. "Then it is up to me weather I slay you or make you my slave."
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Necros Chapter 32 (incomplete bro)   Fri Sep 12, 2014 10:56 pm

I can't wait for you to post this on dude, it has so much potential and it's one of the best Original SW Stories i've read in a while. Keep it up dude, you're only getting better. Smile
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Darth Necros Chapter 32 (incomplete bro)
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