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 The Shadow Lord

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There they stood.  The champion of light, unwavering in the presence of the strongest known sith in the galaxy.  Revan, the Prodigal Knight, battling against the torrential power of Darth Malak.

"Your power is greater than I'd ever imagined," began Malak, "But here on the Star Forge, the dark side shall always remain supreme!"

"The light is stronger than the dark, Malak." replied Revan. "Even here, at the heart of pure evil, you cannot defeat me. Surrender, my old friend. Abandon this path. It will only lead to destruction."

"Spare me your corrupt jedi teachings. Your faith in them only heightens your limitations."

"The captive jedi are freed, Malak. You're running on your last breath of power."

"That should suffice."

Malak lurched at Revan with all his might, utilizing the savage sequences of Form VII, Juyo.  As Revan parried the blows, Malak found an opening in Revan's defense. Switching to the dominating strikes of Djem So, Malak unleashed three vicious overhead chops, each one driving Revan closer to the ground. With a burst of rage, Malak kneed Revan in the gut, and his old master doubled over.  He followed up with a swift kick to Revan's ribs, and he snarled as one of them responded with a loud crack.  As Malak struck at his former mentor to deliver the killing blow, revan leaped 10 meters back, dodging the attack and drawing anger in the Dark Lord.

"You are weakening Revan. The Star Forge and its nauseating power are taking its toll. You, and by extension the Republic, have failed." Malak was right.  The fighting required to get to Malak was exhausting enough, and the darkness of the Rakatan Station was slowly inching its way to every crevice of his mind.  He could not perform any action without feeling the temptation of the dark side.  He knew that he'd have to act quickly, lest Malak win the great game of the galaxy.

"Those are the words of one faltering himself," responded Revan. "You know you won't win. Your time as Dark Lord of the Sith has come to an end!"  

More fuel to the fire.

Malak, consumed by a violent blood rage, sprinted towards Revan with imperceptible speed.  The latter, taking advantage of Malak's unbalanced nature, gracefully jumped over his apprentice less than a second before the blow could be dealt.  Still in midair, Revan launched his lightsaber in Malak's direction, and a deafening roar could be heard as the blade destroyed a piece of his metallic jaw guard.  Ripping the lightsaber out of the air with overwhelming power, Malak destroyed Revan's cyan blade.  In an unexpected maneuver, Malak clipped his own blade onto his belt, and stared intently into Revan's eyes.

"And now, Revan, my superiority over you will be a reality," declared Malak, his voice distorted by the half-destroyed jaw casing.  

"You play a dangerous game Malak. You toss the fate of the galaxy as if it were a token to be bet on. So: heads or tails?"


Malak shot forth a torrent of blue electrical bolts, and Revan reached out his hands to block the deadly power.  Light collided with shadow, and both advanced towards each other with unrelenting resolve.  

"Can you feel your powers failing, Revan? Can you feel as the power of the Star Forge saps away your last bits of energy?"

"I will never give up! The Sith will never control the galaxy!"

"Yes! Stand defiant as your mind is ripped apart by the all-consuming inferno of the Star Forge!"

Tails it is.

As Malak grew stronger, Revan's reserves were ebbing. The focal point of the power collision began advancing towards Revan, and the great warrior of the jedi was overwhelmed. With a resounding blast, Revan was utterly plastered into the wall, his power all but nonexistent.

"It is over, Revan. Despair in the fact that you and the Jedi--the supposed keepers of order--have failed. Now you will feel the true power of the dark side!"

A stream of transclucent energy was expelled from Malak's fingertips, filling Revan with excruciating pain. His mask grew unbearably hot, and his skin was boiling and blistering.  Relenting the deadly assault, Malak stared down at his former master, cast down and defeated.

"And now, like the jedi before you, I will merge you with the power of the star forge, and your force energy shall become mine."

There would be no such arrangements.

"No, Malak, you are wrong. You may destroy the Republic. The Jedi. You may have the galaxy under your thumbnail. But you will not have me."

With a final exertion of energy, Revan enacted the most terrible power conjured by the force, completely severing his own connection to it.  With screams so complete, so horrifying, Revan fell limp. Malak probed Revan's force aura, only to find nothing. He had cut himself off from the force, and in doing so saved himself from a fate worse than death.

"You were always a fool, Revan. Now that realization has come to you. Too late, it seems."

Malak looked out the observatory of the Star Forge, and saw that the conflict was in some sort of a deadlock. The Republic couldn't breach their defense, but the Sith forces could not scatter the Republic Fleet.  An outside force was aiding the Republic, bolstering their resolve.

"Bastila," Thought Malak.

Sprinting towards the astrogation room, Malak saw Bastila utilizing her famed Battle Meditation, only to influence the Republic forces instead.  Instantly putting the pieces together, Malak recognized that Revan had turned her back to the light side. She had become a liability, unworthy of being apprentice to the Dark Lord.

"You disappoint me, Bastila. Similar to Revan before you."

Malak's mere presence caused Bastila to recoil, breaking off her labor-intensive meditation. She stared at Malak with gaping horror, knowing that Revan had failed in his quest. But also like Revan before her, she would not fall to the dark side again.

"I will never join you Malak, not now. The only way you shall be rid of me is through death."

"As was my intention." Bastila, for all her raw power, was ultimately nothing before The Shadow Lord.  With casual ease, Malak lifted Bastila into the air, crushing her ribcage with extreme telekinetic dominance.  As her ribs became completely pulped, the Dark Lord throttled her into the ground.  Slowly bleeding out, Bastila gazed into Malak's mottled eyes.

"You will fall one day, Malak. Even to one such as you, there are always higher beings in the galaxy."

"Hush, Bastila. Your time is at an end. All hail the Dark Lord of the Sith!"

With Bastila's death, Malak sensed the Republic fleet being utterly decimated by the unhindered might of the Star Forge.

"And now, it is time to bring an end to the Core Worlds. And to find a worthy disciple to train in the ways of the dark side."
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The Shadow Lord
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