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 Darth Necros Chapter 28

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PostSubject: Darth Necros Chapter 28   Darth Necros Chapter 28 EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 12:48 am

Hundreds of blaster bolts  filled the air. Ayin didn't both blocking each bolt individually. She began spinning her lightsaber so fast that it formed a solid shield of red light in front of her. Both Inimicus and Scalva charged forward into the barrage of blaster fire. Inimicus batted away blaster bolts as best he could but was ultimately hit by blaster fire. His armor took the blunt of the damage but he still roared in anger and pain. He began following Ayins example, spinning his lightsabers as fast as he could, forming two shields in front of him. Both Inimicus and Ayin were pushed into a retreat.

Darth Scalva covered the thirty meter distance to the army of soldiers in two seconds. As she ran she got hit by two baster shots. The instant they hit her body a green smoke filled the wound and began to close it. She jumped through the air, kicking one undead soldier in the face so hard that his skull collapsed and slashing off another head with her lightsaber. As she landed on the ground she was already carving through the soldiers around her. Her foot hit the ground and she launched her self straight forward while slashing in front of her. Ten soldiers died within a second. She cut to her right and punched to her left, leaving a hole the size of her fist nearly completely through the soldiers chest. She brought her lightsaber upwards, cutting a soldier completely in half and chopped sideways with her other hand at an undead soldiers neck, decapitating him with ease. She jumped forward, holding her lightsaber in front of her and spiraled forward through swaths of enemies. Much to her surprise her lightsaber was met with another red lightsaber. Two more lightsaber activated and the three Dead Lords pushed her a mater backwards to the rear of the army, and then they held there ground and defended against her furious assault. She battered heavily on them but the three of them together managed to hold her at bay.

As the wall of blaster fire continued, Ayin and Inimicus were forced to retreat. Lucky for them a large blast door was opened directly behind them. They slowly took steps back, as they did the undead army marched forward. The blaster fire never ceased. They backed up through the door. The army didn't stop the advance. Soon the army was also making its way into the wide hallway. As the army filed into the hallway Scalva tried furiously to break through the Dead Lords to no avail. Soon the whole army was completely through the blast door, the Dead Lords all three held out there hands and sent Scalva flying with a collaborative force push. Before she could get back up on her feet the blast door slammed shut cutting her off from the Dead Lords, the undead army, and her master Darth Ayin.

As the army filed into a more crowded space the blaster fires slowed down. Ayin now blocked each bolt individually, as did Inimicus. They both walked slowly towards the army ready to begin the slaughter. The blast door shut leaving them alone with the army. As Inimicus and Ayin made there slow advance suddenly many thermal detonators began flying towards them. Inimicus and Ayin were flung backwards by the sequence of explosions, both landed on there feet and slide to a stop. The continued to block blaster fire. Inimicus tasted blood in his mouth, although he hadn't taken the full force of the explosion he had still gotten hit a large amount of force, as did Ayin. He seethed with anger. He had come here to kill Necros, not fight these irritating drones. Inimicus stepped forward, no longer blocking blaster fire. His armor took most of that damage and the pain fueled his rage which in turn fueled his power. A great bellow built up in his lung and stampeded up his throat. He opened his mouth and yelled. His yell did not release sound, even though a deafening sound was created, his yell released the dark side itself. Windows shattered and the walls, floor, and roof cracked. Bodies were shredded and torn apart within the center of the blast. Those around the outside were flung against the walls. The yell filled the entire hall and blasted open the heavy door. The only survivors were Nad Talsek and the Dead Lords, the later of which had formed a force shield to encompass the four of them, preventing them from being shredded to bits by the scream. They still felt the effects of the scream however, they were flung through the door. All four lay on the ground, dazed and hurting. Trickles of blood flowed from Nads ears.


As soon as the blast door closed and invisible hand seized Scalva by the throat and lifted her three meters in the air. Her captor spun her slowly around. It was Darth Necros. He stood there with an outstretch hand.

"Its been a long time, Darth Scalva." Necros said. She struggled furiously at the hand around her throat. Ayin wanted Necros dead and she needed to obey her wishes.

"You have been Ayins slave for far to long. It is time for you to return to your true masters side." Necros closed his eyes and attempted to touch Scalvas mind with the force. The dark councils blocks stood firm. Necros began to laugh as Scalva continued to struggle.

 "So the Dark Council thinks they can keep you from me. What fools they are." Sclava finally became desperate. She released bolts of electricity towards Necros. Necros seized up in pain and Scalva dropped the floor. As soon as she hit the floor she darted towards Necros, her lightsaber barely having time to fully activate by the time she was bringing it down on him. Her blade met with his. She launched into a sporadic assault of lightsaber strikes. Necros seemed to block them on memory.

 "I implanted you with everything you know Scalva. There is no way you can defeat me."  Scalva didn't listen, Ayin was her master now so her words were the only ones that meant anything to her. Necros blocked her next strike then reversed his grip on his lightsaber and brought it back on her. His blade cut her across the chest. Unhitched by this she brought her blade down on him. He ducked out of the way and spun around her, slashing deep gashes in her legs. Then pushing on her shoulders with the force he drove her onto her knees. He grabbed her head with one hand.

"You will always be my slave!" He said and began his mental assault.


 Necros called deeply on the force as he began digging into Scalvas mind. The blocks of the Dark Council fought back. Necros placed both his hands on her head and closed his eyes. The mental will required to overcome the blocks was immense. Necros called upon the hatred he felt for the Dark Council, the hatred he felt for Darth Ayin and most importantly, the hatred he felt for Darth Inimicus. The force flowed through him like a dark hurricane and into Scalvas mind. The mental blocks began to crack and then they shattered completely. Necros whipped away the changes Ayin made in her mind and raised new mental blocks of his own. Necros released his hold on Scalva. She knelt there completely still, the wounds Necros had inflicted were already gone. Necros stood over her.

"Stand up." He ordered and she obeyed. Just then the heavy door blasted open and Nad, and the Dead Lords were flung through the door. The hit the floor and rolled halfway across the throne room floor. Both Necros and Scalva turned to the door. A calm yet sinister Darth Ayin and a fuming Darth Inimicus stepped through the blasted apart door. Darth Necros pointed his blade towards them.

"Let the real fight begin." He said.
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Darth Necros Chapter 28
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