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 Darth Necros Chapter 32

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Darth Sinious stood behind an alter in front of a small group of about twenty sith acolytes, lords, and even Darths. He gazed over them as they all made there ways to there seats. He was a human with short brown hair. He wore ceremonial black sith robes and on his hip was a curve hilted lightsaber. He was the founder and leader of a secret group of Sith name "The Plague" who worshiped the rebelling Sith lord, Darth Necros, as the true emperor. They were his followers, they would grow in strength and numbers with in the empire, and when the day came that he returned to claim hiss throne from the current pretender, they would fight beside him. Until then The Plague would spread, and commune with Darth Necros from across the galaxy.

Today there were three new comers. Two were apprentices whos power in the Force had not yet been fully realized, but The Plague would consume and through them spread. The third stood out. An unfathomable amount of power coursed from him. He was covered in a black cloak and his face was hidden behind a golden metal mask. Two eye holes were cut into the other wise plain mask and from those holes shone two malicious yellow eyes with red veins coursing from them.

"Greatings new comers. Step forth." Sinious gestured with both hands to beckon them forward. They all three slowly made their way to the front. "Tell us your names." The two apprentices gave their names first, then the mysterious stranger gave his name.

"Darth Malitiae"

"How is it that you came to wish to be apart of The Plague?"

The apprentices each had been guided here by other members. Darth Malitiae however was not.

"I heard of the great power wielded by Darth Necros and sought out a group such as this."

For some reason Darth Sinious could sense a surge of anger coming from Darth Malitiae as he spoke those words. Darth Sinious stroked his chin thoughtfully.

"Is that so? And what do you have to offer this group?"

"I seek to destroy my enemies" Darth Sinious burst out laughing.

"And why would you need The Plague to do that?"

"I heard you can communicate with Darth Necros." Darth Sinious nodded in agreement. "I wish for him to tell me who his enemies are, for his enemies are my enemies."

Again Darth Sinious sensed a surge of anger.

"We indeed can communicate with Darth Necros. And a powerful being such as yourself destroying our masters enemies would indeed be something to seek. But I do not believe you are indeed here for the reasons you have just stated. I believe you are trying to deceive us, Darth Malitiae." Darth Sinious added a mocking tone to his voice as he said the Siths name. Suddenly the surges of anger let loose and rage overflowed from Darth Malitiae.

"Then you are not as foolish as I originally believed." Darth Malitiae said and held his open hands out towards the apprentices on either side of him. Two lightsabers flew from under his cloak into his hands and activated into the apprentices brains. As they fell to the ground Darth Malitiae made a threatening gesture with both his lightsabers in Darth Sinious's direction and everyone else in the room activated their lightsabers.

"I did tell you the truth though, I did come here to destroy my enemies." He said and raised two fingers on both of his hands and sending powerful blasts shooting in either direction. One of the blasts harvested two acolytes and a Sith Lord, shattering every bone in their body and killing them instantly. The other blasted  two Darths against the buildings red stone wall, creating a three meter tall hole in the wall and flinging their already dead bodies out into the sands of Korriban.

Darth Sinious activated his lightsaber and lunged at him. He blocked with one lightsaber while releasing a storm of force lightning that filled the rest of the room and reduced everyone else within to a pile of writhing, screaming, dying bodies. Darth Malitiae kicked Darth Sinious in the stomach, sending him stumbling back a few paces and used the two second window provided to finish cooking The Plague alive.

"Your name is not Darth Malitiae." Darth Sinious said, staring down his powerful adversary.

"You are correct."

"Who are you really? Darth Sinious asked. The stranger let his cloak fall to the ground then reached up and pulled the mask off his face. What was revealed was the red tattooed body of a Zabrak. Veins bulged on every inch of his lean body. In the center of his chest was a burnt black hole. His face was twisted into a rage full sneer.

"I am Darth Inimicus. I am the bringer of your death." The Zabrak bellowed.

"The Emperors Hound." Darth Sinious whispered to himself in amazement. He never truly felt fear like he did now.

"Never call me that!" Inimicus shouted and charged forward.

Darth Sinious fell into a makashi stance and deflected a series of vicious power attack released by his adversary. Inimicus followed up the barrage with a headbutt that sent needles of pain thrashing through Darth Sinious's skull. Darth Sinious stumbled backwards and held out his hand, sending Inimius flying with a powerful Force push. As Inimicus hit the ground Darth Sinious's lightsaber was already hurling towards him. Inimicus pushed off the ground and back flipped out of the way. The Lightsaber scorched the floor where he once lay before returning to its owners hand. Inimicus raised his hands, elevating all the stone benches and chairs and closed his hand, sending them crashing towards a pinpoint. That pinpoint being where Darth Sinious stood. Darth Sinious powered his speed through the Force and ran from the pinpoint to where Inimicus stood in a millisecond. As the bal of destruction clashed together behind him, he was bringing his ightsaber down on Inimicus's head. Not fast enough. Inimicus blocked the attack and cut open a wide gash in Darth Sinious's belly with his other lightsaber. Realizing his defeat and soon to be doom. He created a bubble of Force Lightning around himself, staggering Darth Inimicus backwards, and giving himself just enough time to turn and run out of the back door with Force enhanced speed.


Darth Inimicus snarled with rage as he shook off the Force Lightning. Darth Sinious was already gone. He had smashed through the back door with the Force and took of running. Inimicus snarled and gave chase. As he exited the meeting hall for the now destroyed Plague, he came onto a landing pad with a single personal sized spaceship with twin ion engines. Its engines burned to life and it lifted off of the landing pad.

"Oh no you don't!" Inimicus snarled and grabbed ahold of the ship with the Force as it tried to shoot off into the sky.

The ship inched forward instead of shooting off in a flash and Inimicus growled as he struggled against the twin engines. In a test of strength the ship was winning ever so slightly. Darth Inimicus felt his feet slipping across the landing pad. Inimicus could have easily crushed the ship into a ball and killed Darth Sinious but he needed him alive to contact Darth Necros and hopefully find out something useful. Inimicus's veins bulged as he struggled, he took two steps back pulling the ship downward a little but then slipped twice as far as the ship pulled him back. Inimicus's feet reached the end of the landing pad and he put his feet onto the low guardrail at the end to keep himself from being pulled into the deep canyon below. The railing dented deeply around his feet.

"You will not escape! There is no escape!" Inimicus shouted and pulled more deeply on his infinite rage. The ship halted in mid air and Inimicus took one step back, then another, then another. The ship began slowly flying backwards. Its engines wined as they struggled to fly. Inimicus stepped back again, and again until a loud bang filled his ears and a bright explosion filled his eyes. The ships engines had exploded with the strain and now the ship was all his. He flung it violently back onto the landing pad and leapt into of the cockpit and pulled Darth Sinious through the glass with the Force then tossed him onto the landing pad. Inimicus jumped onto him, pinning him to the ground with a boot and activated a lightsaber towards his face.

"Contact Darth Necros or else I will gut you, whelp." Inimicus snarled.

"Okay okay." Darth Sinious said in submission then closed his eyes.

A black cloud sprung forth from thin air and then shaped itself into a Pau'an. Its right arm ever shifting and changing.

"Why have you called me forth?" Its voice echoed.

"You are not Darth Necros." Inimicus spat. The Pau'an laughed.

"What!?" Darth Sinious exclaimed as he writhed beneath Inimicus's boot.

"You are correct, though I convinced these fools other wise." The Pau'an smiled. "I recognize you from my apprentices mind. You are Darth Necros's rival. No doubt you seek to destroy him."

"I lust to spill the whelps blood." Inimicus said.

"Then you should come to Felucia. If you hurry you may make it in time to watch me end his life." The Pau'an said.

"No one kills him but except for me!" Inimcus shouted and pressed his boot ferociously into Darth Sinious's chest, making him squirm in pain.

"Good luck. He has a fleet." The Pau'an chuckled and then disappeared the same way he appeared.

Outraged, Inimicus crushed Darth Sinious's chest with his foot, ending his life in a few painful seconds. He picked up his comslink. An imperial officer appeared before him.

"Ready your fleet maggot, we are going to Felucia."
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Darth Necros Chapter 32
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